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Lord Drakkon

PRE Update 2/4

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  • Now you can do gifs and stickers! Look in the toolbar when you go to post and to the right of the spoiler icon (that looks like an eye) you'll see a new icon that is square with a blue border. Click on it. Now you have an endless supply of Power Ranger gifs and stickers as well as other fun random gifs and stickers to use. Enjoy! It even remembers the last ones you've used for easier access later!
  • You now have up to 6 new forum backgrounds to choose from. On the top of the forum below the header and to the far right choose the image icon thats 2nd from the right. Now you can choose the background you wish to choose and can change it at any time!
  • Forum color picker. You also now have an endless range of colors to choose from. To the far right of the navigation bar to the right you'll see a paintbrush icon. Click on it then choose the color you want. You'll see what it looks like on the forum in real time! Once you have chosen the color you want, just click elsewhere on the forum. It's saved for as long as you want that color. If you wish to change it back to the default color choose the icon that shows up to the right of the paint brush in the navigation bar. You can change the color as much as you want and whenever you want!
  • The Gallery and Video areas have been disabled for the time being due to lack of interest. They are still here, just disabled. Anything you've added will remain. So when they eventually return, it will be like nothing ever happened.
  • The forum theme you see is now the default and only one. I like it and the options it provides. Looks clean and overall is very pleasing to look at IMO.
  • There is a new Sentai forum added. The Contests forum has been reformatted and is now the Sentai forum.
  • The RPG, Fan Fic, Links Directory, and Power Ranger discussion areas have been re-named.
  • The Classifieds and Website Directory will continue to get some love.
  • The side bar area has been cleaned up and some things modified. 
  • There is a large update planned for the forum software very soon. PRE will be updated to it when it happens. However most of you likely won't even know it's happened as any downtime will be extremely short. A matter of a minute or 2 is all.
  • A support area is available in the navigation bar.
  • Hyper Force RPG has been re-named to their official name of HyperRPG. However the Hyper Force content will remain.
  • Removed the Power Rangers Twitter feeds for the time being until I find a better use and purpose for them.
  • Etc Etc. Some behind the scenes adjustments have been made as well.


The past few weeks have been rough as I was out with a concussion a few weeks ago and last week was just too busy to give much attention to PRE. Promotion seems to be the biggest hurdle for PRE for some reason and I hope to get that to change soon. Keep an eye open for more to come!


power rangers come at me bro GIFpower rangers STICKER

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