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PRE Update Dec 4th (What have you missed?!)

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  • Updated the main forum layout
  • Converted the Graphic Design forum to Media Empire to showcase works beyond just graphics
  • Changed PRE's logo and header banners. The banners will change soon as well to something more original and new. Those are just placeholders used to show the direction I'm going.
  • Removed Power Ranger Legends game promotion
  • Added Gallery showcase on main forums
  • Introduced announcement of another upcoming contest!
  • This week I will be improving and modifying the Live Stream areas
  • Plus some other behind the scenes tweaks you may or may not notice.
  • Illy was also promoted to Moderator (which I forgot to mention sooner. Sorry Illy!)
  • I will be announcing some changes to PRE's staffing structure. And don't worry Illy you won't be affected. lol
  • Switched the sidebar from right to left. Do you prefer it this way or not? It's just being tested this way to see what you guys think.
  • A massive new. one of a kind, Power Ranger Classifieds are is arriving later today. One that no other PR forum or website has! The forum is getting a whole new awesome look and name!
  • Media Empire forum has had some gallery and video images added to it.
  • Keep sharing posts and threads on social media as well as helping promote PRE best you can. Thank you for all you guys have done. It's great to see you all back! 

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