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This would make an excellent spin-off. Lord Drakkon's existence causes the Morphing Grid to turn against the Rangers in every Ranger dimension, which results in the creation of the ranger murderer in the video, thus preventing Rangers from different dimension to warn each other and their own Zordon. I'd love to see how Time Force would have been involved in this and what would be Wes's role.  

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Ohhh this is an interesting concept I like. 

As for Time Force, I think they should be playing a bigger role in all things Power Rangers IMO.

I liked this enough the video is now front page!

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A possible scenario just came trough my mind:


Everything takes place in exactly the same way it did like in the video. The only difference I'd make is to use the actual cast playing their characters from the series and showing them in multiple dimensions. So following the events in the video, the ranger murderer goes beyond Mighty Morphin' and starts going after other teams across all dimensions, including Zeo, Turbo2, Space and all the Ranger teams beyond that season. He even gets the RPM and the Dino Charge Rangers. Somehow, the Time Force Rangers (including Wes and Eric) manage to bypass the encounter with the ranger murderer (the 4 TF Rangers arrived from the future for that reason, to be with their two friends) in the main PR dimension. Eventually, the ranger murderer catches up with them and kills Jen, Katie, Lucas, Trip and Eric. Nadira and Ransik, who accompanied the 4 from the future also can't strike even a little bit of luck. Wes starts traveling trough different dimensions, this time all alone, however, the ranger murderer somehow manages to follow him. The chase drags on and on until Wes accidentally finds a more modern version of the Timeship, secretly hidden by the main-dimension Jen, Katie, Lucas and Trip in another dimension. Wes manages to board the ship without the ranger murderer being able to follow him in it.


In the ship's database, Wes finds a message by Alex and his 4 deceased friends, saying that he is the Universe's only hope to turn back the clock and stop some events from taking place. Later, Wes watches a video, which appears to have been secretly filmed by Jen. It is a video of the ranger murderer killing the S.P.D. Rangers. From the hot discussion between them and their foe, Wes finds out that he needs to go back to Lord Drakkon's dimension and stop Tommy Oliver from becoming the Lord and betraying the Rangers and the Morphin' Grid. However, that is easier said than done, since he's all alone and due to him using the dimensional portal technology a lot, he's made the Morphin' Grid too unstable for doing any morphing.

Due to food & drink stock in the ship he is able to survive for a few days, trying to figure out how to outsmart the Ranger murderer and to bring the Tommy from Drakkon's dimension to justice. He goes back to re-watch the clip of the S.P.D. Rangers being murdered and he finally spots a direct message from Jen to him - she asks him to ask Doggie Cruger for help, who is also hiding in the S.P.D.'s base, surrounded by the shielding technology of Time Force.


Wes finally figures out how to get back to the main Ranger dimension. Despite the fact that no-one seems to be following him any more, he can't let his guard down. Once in the main Ranger Universe, he travelers to the time of the S.P.D. Rangers and recruits Doggie Cruger to help him. Somehow, Sam and Kat had survived their attacks. Wes takes his dimensional controller and connects him to the Timeship's computer systems, thus allowing them to instantly travel between different time periods in different dimensions. They go straight to Lord Drakkon's dimension and try to talk to Tommy before he puts his plan into motion, but he chooses not to listen to them. He summons his soldiers instead and captures the four.  However,  a group of his soldiers decides to betray their boss and help the 4 Rangers instead. They take them to a secret location, where they find another Tommy - his clone that Tommy left in Colonial Angel Grove. Tom reveals that he was captured to because he was mistaken for the real Tommy from the main PR dimension. Now, as a team of 5 people working with the soldiers, they come up with a plan on how to bring Tommy down. The soldiers reveal that the Morphin' Grid has the ability to create an evil Ranger of its own if one or few of the Rangers betray it and turn against those they had sworn to protect. 


However, before they can act, Lorn Drakkon, now ready to put his plan into the motion, locates the gang the confronts them. When the 4 Rangers are injured, the soldiers reveal their true identity: It's Jason, Trini, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Adam, Rocky and Aisha from the Drakkon's Ranger universe. They all morph and manage to heal the wounds of the 4 injured Rangers and Tom. At that time, the ranger murderer appears after tracking down, Wes, Cruger, Sam and Kat. After seeing what the 5 are trying to do (Tom even without any Ranger power), the ranger murderer starts loosing its strength. While the 8 MM Rangers deal with the now weekend murderer, the Red Time Force, Shadow, Omega and Kat Rangers manage to weaken Lord Drakkon's power in a long, 24-hour long confrontation. 


With both of the villains now severely weakened, the Morphin' Grid starts repairing itself once again. The ranger murderer switches sides and faces Lord Drakkon, while trapping the 12 Rangers in a magnet-based force shield. The murderer captures Drakkon, who morphs back to Tommy, who is introduced to a horrifying vision. The ranger murderer disappears from existence completely. He sees the 12 Rangers being sucked by the shield's magnet powers and realizes what he had done.  Tommy morphs into the Green Ranger and starts absorbing the shield's magnetic powers. But the shield's power is too much from him to take, and he looses his life in the process, along with his fellow soliders. The lives of the 12 Rangers are saved, who thank the 4 traveling ones for their help.


Wes, Cruger, Sam and Kat return to the main PR dimension and to their own time periods. But only to find out that a lot had been changed. After finding out what could have happened, Tommy's confidence in being a Ranger is shaken. Wes visits him with his Ranger friends, the MM and the DT Rangers, who tell him that he's needed now more then ever - as a friend, as a parent, as a science teacher and as a Power Ranger. This leads into Time Force enforcing some ground rules and laws considering the Morphin' Grid, Ranger powers and the usage of Ranger fighting techniques/styles and technology across all dimensions and time periods in order to prevent Lord Drakkon ever coming back into existence.  





It's a good story, isn't it?

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