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'Power Rangers' 25th Anniversary Cast Says It Will Be Better Than Legendary Battle

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I just wish they would've been able to find a way to make a full Goseiger adaptation first and do Gokaiger since it would give them the necessary time to get everyone they wanted on board for the Ranger cameos, license Ranger teams (as per JDF), get the movie footage rights for the 199 Hero Battle  and just do a better anniversary season overall, with a mixture of footage from the movie itself and original footage for the LB itself. The Megaforce Rangers should've already been Veteran Rangers by the time the Legendary Battle took place and it should have been an entirely separate Ranger team in the Gokaiger suits leading the whole thing.  


Anyway, I'm going to give this anniversary episode a chance and if it's good, I'll find a way to watch the full Ninja (Super) Steel season and give it a try so I can make my own comparation between how Saban and Hasbro do certain things for the show and then, if Beast Morphers turns out good, maybe I'll give the franchise one last chance. 

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