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Lord Drakkon

PRE June Update

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  • Twitter and Facebook Log-in and Sign-up now available! You can also link your existing PRE account to your Facebook or Twitter account as well as have the status from that account show up on PRE!
  • Forum Layout has now gone grid
  • Logo has been modified and the header has been as well.
  • When creating or updating a password it will now need to be 'Strong'. Anything less than that will be rejected. Due to the age of some of the accounts on PRE as well as the content those accounts may hold, a strong password will help keep your account much safer. A Strong Password for example is a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and special characters.
  • A direct link for the Go Fund Me for Robert Axelrod (the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster) is available on the front of PRE if you wish to donate to help him. He's fan friendly and has been there for us. It's time we pay him back!
  • Some behind the scenes settings and adjustments have been done
  • The Hasbro forum has been erased and the thread that was in it put into the Off Topic forum. A few forum names have been modified.
  • Power Ranger season helmet smilies (similar to the ones that used to be on Rangercrew) are on their way! Expect them at any time now.
  • The new Grid Layout will also be updated to have them use specific icons and colors to better see whats what. They are still being worked on. 
  • The Chatbox has also been streamlined. The Giphs, Images, Youtube videos, emoticons, and member icons are all disabled in the chatbox to help make it cleaner and easier and faster to use and understand what's going on.
  • All of PRE is being cleaned up and streamlined. Everything from the layout to the images to the content and even theme so everything is faster, easier to find, and overall a smoother experience for everyone regardless of if they are on a PC or tablet or cell phone.
  • ALL areas of PRE including the gallery and video areas as well as the Clubs are being worked on and improved to give a smoother and more consistent experience between all of them. 
  • All member permissions are being re-evaluated and adjusted as needed. Don't worry, nothing will get worse or change in a negative way. What you have is what you have and will stay that way.
  • There is now better sharing through Facebook and Twitter due to the better integration of them into PRE.
  • PRE social media has been and is being updated!


These are only SOME of the changes that have and are already happening and will be done or mostly done by the end of the weekend. Some changes are cosmetic and others are more dramatic. But rest assured no content has been lost or changed. 

I'm also still doing some bug fixing (mostly minor) from the events of the previous weeks that led to PREs down time. 

I will also be doing PRE sponsored content on Facebook starting as early as this week so keep an eye out on it! And don't forget to join PRE's Social Media pages! (Some which are updated more than others, but still.)


Back to action!

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