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Caleb grunted in labored pains as he tried to move the concrete block.


"Well," Bridge said with a huff. "This is far more difficult than we could have imagined."


A chill traveled down Charlie's spine. Her eyes locked onto Jason's for a moment, forcing fear to course through her. She felt her hands beginning to trembled. She tried to stifle a scream, allowing it to instead to escape in a fearful gasp. This caught the attention of Caleb, who's head whipped around to see her.


"What's the matter?" He asked her, his voice laced with a mix of annoyance and concern.


"H-he..." Charlie's voice shook. Her one hand moved free from the block, pointing in Jason's direction. "His eyes..."

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"I don't know what you're talking about. I think you hit your head girl." Jason told her, rolling his eyes and shook his head. "My eyes are perfectly normal." He moved his head into the dim light from above for her to see, for all of them to see that they were their normal green color. "There's nothing wrong with them. See?"


"We don't have time." Lindy growled out, the muscles in her body tightened as she put everything she had in her; both wolf and human combined together and moved the slab of concrete. Her eyes shined brighter the more she focused on the task at hand. "Ares needs us. Now push, dammit." Her voice thunderous, echoing through the darkness.

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"Lindy is right," Caleb nodded his head in agreement. "Everyone push!"


Charlie felt her eyes burning slightly with the sting of tears. This guy Jason scared her. Something wasn't right with him. She saw it in his eyes, whether anyone else did or not. But it didn't matter. Someone needed their help. She had to ignore him as best as she could, at least for the time being.


Caleb grunted slightly as he used the most of his strength to help the piece of concrete move. He avoided any eye contact with Jason. He didn't sit right with him. Never had. Now, all of a sudden, things were even worse than before. It wasn't the time for this, he knew that. But the distrust towards him was growing more and more. Things were going to change the second they got Ares free. Jason would have a lot of explaining to do.

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Area coughed when the cloud of dust came forth from their movement of the concrete slab that had him trapped. But the dim lighting above his head became easier to see. "Let there be light." He grumbled sarcastically as his first attempt to move a body part came to be. His hand and than his arm was wiggled free, pushing his arm above his head.


Her grip around his arm was solid as Lindy grabbed a hold of him with one hand. "I got you Ares." She said through clenched teeth trying to keep hold of the concrete and pulling him at the same time. Every muscle screamed and popped as the slab moved once more and Ares was able to wiggle his lower body from beneath. He cursed at the sharp pain that stabbed him in his side. Lindy pulled and he used his feet to help as he was pulled from underneath.


Together the two fell back against the concrete rumble just as the slab fell at their feet.

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Caleb ran over to Ares. "Are you alright, man?" He asked, crouching down beside them. "What happened? How'd you get stuck under there?"


Charlie stood off to the side, her arms hugging her chest. She fought the urge to tremble in fear. She wanted to run. Something held her in her place. Her eyes locked on Jason, a chill traveling down her spine. Something wasn't right about him. Why was she the only one who could see that?


"Are you okay?"


The sound of his voice made her jump. Bridge stood there with a sympathetic look on his face. His head was tilted to the side. "You did well out here with helping us," He nodded towards Ares. "But you don't look so good here. In fact, you're looking a little green. I used to be the green ranger, you know." He smirked. "I think I know that color better than most."

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"I was inside looking..." Ares sucked in a deep breath, his head leaning back against Lindy who made no attempt to move. Her hand still tightly around his arm. He let the air out slowly to ease the pain that rattled him. "It just came down. I didn't...I couldn't..."


"I got you." Lindy whispered, her arm wrapped across his chest in a protective nature. "I won't let you go..."


Kat made her way towards him and crouched down beside them. "Thank god you're okay." She said, her motherly instincts kicking into overdrive. "Tell me what hurts."


Ares looked at Dr. Manx, relieved that she was okay. "Everything." He told her. "I can move everything. Not paralyzed but it hurts."


"We need to get to a safe haven so I can check him over." Kat looked over her shoulder, quickly searching for Bridge. "Bridge, we'll need your help. You too, Caleb." She turned back to Ares and Lindy, her eyes meeting the heart of the beast. "Will you let them help him?"


The rumble was just below the surface when Ares grabbed her hand. "I'm okay."


Lindy slid her hand off of him, a battle to win this war she was struggling with inside. "As you wish."

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"Excuse me for a minute," Bridge said to Charlie.


He joined up with Caleb, draping one of Ares' arms over his shoulder. Caleb took the other arm and placed a hand in the center of his back to help keep him stable. "Easy there, big fella," Bridge said with an almost whimsical tone. Trying his best, as always to lighten the mood.


"Lindy," Caleb turned his head to face the blue ranger. "If you can keep yourself under control for a bit, can you get the others inside with you? And do me a favor and bring the real one back."

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She watched carefully as Ares was taken from her, helping him to his feet. He cursed under his breath and his breathing was ragged. Her instincts were to go to him immediately, push them away and do it herself. But she kept her feet still.


"There's a safe house." Kat began to tell them. "In case something like this happened. It's not far."


The laughter was menace and dark. Thick black smoke swirled around as Thorex appeared behind them. A weapon in hand, eyes as evil as they never had seen before. "No one's going anywhere." He growled out through clenched teeth.


Ares tilted his head up, through the strands of hair that fell in front of his face. "Thorex..." The electrical current that courses through his body flickered at his fingertips. "Come back for another round of ass kickin'?"


Thorex looked at the wounded ranger, his lips twisting into a smile and his sharp teeth showing. "You don't look up to the task boy." He grounded out, a hint of laughter teasing his tone. "It would be too easy to end your existence ranger. Not worth it."


"Try it and your blood will spill, demon." Lindy felt the stir deep in her belly, the warm sensation flooded her body and her senses. Heat boiled her blood and her knuckles cracked as the shift started.


Thorex eyes flared with sparks of red, his head turned to the shifter. "She-wolf." His hand tightened around the handle of his sword. "Now you, I would love to sink my teeth into your skin..." He felt the pull, the rage strumming through his body but forced himself to stop. "And rip your throat out."


"I dare to see you try." She's waited for this moment to attack. Natural impulse to shred the demon before her. Almost too consumed by hatred for the monster she despised since birth. Demons and shifters were natural enemies, two opposites on the lines ready to strike without being rational. There was no way to stop the rage for your enemy.


"I will enjoy killing you, She-wolf. I will make your friends watch." He stumbled forward, hypnotized for the kill that he has waited so long for.


The force of his arm extended out as a barricade blocked Thorex from moving any further. His eyes were black and a sound so deep rumbled through his throat. The two of them connected, Thorex looked down and Jason looked up. "Enough. Do I have to remind you of your orders, Thorex?" Jason bellowed out. "Those orders has nothing to do with her. My father would be displeased with you..." Jason moved to stand in front of the demon that towered over him. "She belongs to me, so back off."


Thorex growled but stood down and took a step back. "Your father wants to see you now. He said there's been a change of plans.


Lindy felt the barrier, every fiber of her being snap in half and shatter to pieces. "Jason..." His name felt like acid burning its way into her soul.


Jason turned around, all signs of his true nature, the demon that he was no longer concealed from those around him. He looked at each one of them before he searched out Lindy's. No words were said, no sounds except for gasps from the others as they tried to process what just happened. Their friend, one part of their team, their family...


He was the enemy.


Jason didn't stick around for questions they would demand answers for. A fight he was not ready for and neither were they. This was not how it was suppose to turn out, them finding out he was deceitful. Part of the plans that he knew has changed. In a puff of smoke, Thorex was gone. Jason was gone.

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Charlie's hands shot up and covered her mouth. She screamed into her hands though she wasn't able to mask the sound. Something about him hadn't seemed right. She had seen right through him. She was terrified as the other demon had appeared. Even more terrified watching them both disappear.


Caleb felt his jaw clench tightly. Rage filled through him. As he charged forward, the momentum of his anger quickened his feet. He came to the barricade and swung his fist. His fists swung harder and harder to no avail. The barricade disappeared as soon as Jason was gone.


"Bastard!" He roared in anger, his voice echoing through the quiet air.

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The pain was almost too much to handle. Deceit weighed thickly and heavily in the air that surrounded them. It was unfathomable, unbearable that their family could be destroyed by a single notion; they were lied too. 


Lindy was gone before anyone realized she backed away from the group, stripped of her clothing and slipping into the shadows. The transformation was seamless, numb to her core. And she ran. Ran as fast as her legs would carry her and when she grew tired, she pushed herself even more. Until every muscle in her body burned, until her heart was ready to burst from her chest. Until his image, his face. The feeling of family and packmates was ripped from her soul. Until the rage she held unto for months was twisted and shoved to the forefront. 


The howl bellowed out of her chest, echoing loud and clear through the still of the night.




Kat was lost for words, unable to comprehend that one of her rangers was a traitor. How could that be? How could they allow someone to slip through the cracks without realizing that they were on the opposite side? Doggie would have known this...wouldn't he?


It took her a moment to grasp her bearings and push this revelations to the side. Her focus has to be on Ares. He needed her full attention. He needed to be fixed. She cleared her throat. "Caleb, I need you." She said. "We need to get Ares to safety. We all need to get to safety."


The howl in the distance struck a chord with Ares, the ache was unsettling in his chest when he turned his head and looked behind him.


Lindy was gone.


"Shit." He cursed, sighing heavily and his head dropped.


"What is it, Ares?" Kat asked. "Something wrong?"


"Lindy's gone. "




In the far off distance, the howl could be heard. Ears perked up, twitching as it listened to the pain the call delivered. It hurt the beast, whimpering as it took a step in the direction the call came from. 


The wolf with fur black as night tilted his head and released his own howl of despair. 


"Lindy!" His voice deep and husky, breaking through the barrier as he called to his sister. 


No response.


He didn't stick around, impulse to move forward and find his sister. 

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"Where did she go?" Charlie asked, her voice trembling slightly. "Why would she leave? Doesn't it make more sense for us to stick together?"


Bridge bobbed his head. "We'll figure out where she went. But right now, Ares needs to be brought inside. We need to tend to his wounds. Come on." He nodded to Caleb to help Ares, not realizing the red ranger was lost in his own thoughts. Instead, Bridge made his way towards Kat. He placed his hand over her shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze.


"You okay, Dr. Manx?" He said. "I know it sucks that Jason betrayed us. But the good news is, at least we caught it now. Although I guess we didn't actually catch it, he showed us himself. But still, we know now and we can plan our next move. Right?"


Caleb had lost himself in his own thoughts. He stared out into the sky, his hand covering his mouth. He felt his blood boiling with anger over Jason's betrayal. But he knew how much worse she was taking it. He wanted to stop her. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. She needed this time. Especially now. He couldn't be there for her; not the way she needed him to be. It was still too much for him. But he knew that meant she was going home. Going back to them.


"I know where she went."

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"I'm good. Or at least as good as I will be." Kat told him, trying her best to keep her emotions in check and under control. The last thing she needed...they needed was for another to go over the edge. She will do it privately and alone. "There's a safe house in the woods. We should get them there. We'll deal with Jason and his deceitful ways later. Right now, their safety is priority." Kat looked at Bridge and tried her best to put on her best smile. 


Ares draped an arm around his ribs and sucked in a deep breath and held it with each step he took. His eyes scanned his surroundings first before he looked over at Charlie. "Lindy can take care of herself. It's best that she runs when she can't cope. She's lost her best friend and a pack mate all in one day."


"Kassie." Kat now knew why Bridge struggled with telling her about the yellow ranger. 


"Yes Doc. I've see her broken but not like this. Jason revealing his true identity has put her over the edge." Ares stopped in place, shaky breath as he eased the prick of fire from his ribs. "Lindy cared for Jason as a brother, formed a bond with him and now that bond has been destroyed and she's not taking it very well. Wolfie Lindy has control for a reason."


His words played over in the wolf's ears as he watched them from a distance. He could not control the growl that escaped him. They only assumed where she went but that wasn't the case. His calls home of warning that something was wrong with Lindy were met with answers she wasn't there. There was no sign of her. 


The black wolf moved from the darkness and showed himself to them. His yellow eyes bared holes as he looked at each of them before looking at Ares. His scent of smell was distraught, tinted with blood of old wounds. "Where is she?" He pushed his thoughts into the young man.


Ares flinched and pressed his hand to his temple when the words echoed inside his head. He shook his head. "I don't know." He spoke aloud. " She ran. Jason deceived us, he's one of them. "


"Son of a bitch." He growled as he moved around in a circular motion. "I will kill that fucking demon boy. He does not know the damage he has done."


If he could smirk he would but the threat in her brothers words sent a warning through him. "You are here to find her, I take it." He said instead of what he truly wanted too. Get in line because he's not the only one.


He bows his head, tilting his head to the side. His wolf eyes fell on Caleb. "Yes. I heard her cries while patrolling our borders. The others have been alerted. They are out looking for her too. We will find her."

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Few things in this world truly terrified Caleb. The wolf pack, however, was one of them. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end upon the black wolf's arrival. He knew all too well who that was. He cracked his neck and forced his face to shift to a stone cold expression.


"What's he saying?" Caleb looked to Ares.


Bridge's eyes widened at the arrival of the wolf. His gaze continued shifting from the wolf to Caleb and back. "This is going to be interesting, isn't it? I'm sensing some tension here."


Charlie blinked her eyes. She couldn't believe Bridge. Even amongst this wreckage, this destruction and this betrayal, he still was able to act the way he did. "Is he for real?" She managed to blurt out. "Is he always like this?" 

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Kat nodded to Charlie. For as long as she has known Bridge, to his ranger days and to his current position Bridge was always the one to bring the light out of any situation they were in. His words, his body language even his attitude. She was so grown to it that she never saw anything wrong.

Ares leaned against a slab of concrete, using his hand to steady himself as he position himself so he could seat or tried too. He grumbled through the burning sensation and took a moment to collect himself. "Braxton heard her cries and sent a call to the others. Her family." He breathed out. "He knows something is wrong and they are out looking for her."


Braxton bowed his head in agreement, tearing his eyes away from the one who holds his sister's heart. "Where was she when this happened? It will help for me to pick up her scent." 


Ares pointed to the last spot she was standing. " She was standing beside us and than just slipped away. She would have gone into the woods. It's the only place that hasn't been touched by destruction."


Braxton moved his way around them, keeping his distance as he took in the scents around him, shuffling through the ashes and smoke. Death that hanged in tight around them. Her scent was faint until he came upon her pile of clothing that were discarded. Something was off with her scent. Her wolf was dominate and this was not like her. 


He joined them a moment later. "What made her decide to let the wolf out? Why is she in full control?" He asked, hoping for answers. "This is not like Lindy to give full control. "


Ares looked at Braxton and frowned. Before he relayed the question to the others. "He wants to know why Wolfie is in full control. It's not like her to set her free." He sucks in a deep breath and let it out. "It was because of me, I assume. I got caught when the base collapsed, I can only think it was to find me. "


"And she has never took control back?" Braxton asked.


"No. I don't think she tried too. " Ares looked to Caleb and than the others. Their encounter with her wolf was much longer than his. "Did Lindy gain control back?"


 Kat shook her head. "She was full wolf when Bridge and I found them." She turned to her partner, he had better insight when he was checking in on them when they were trapped. 


 He didn't wait for anything else to be said when he disappeared into the shadows. This would take a while if he used Ares as the middle person when he didn't have a whole lot of time. Braxton forced the transformation to take place, shifting when his wolf wanted out to search for his sister. Muscles popped and pulled, bones cracked into their rightful place and shape. Sweat beaded his forehead, grunting through the pain as his body realigned its self. His hair, black as midnight was plastered and with a swipe of his hand he pushed it from his face. His eyes flashed yellow and returned to their normal brown color. Unlike his sister who chose to stay in the nude when shifting back, Braxton at least had pants on. 


 "This is much better." He states as he stepped out of the shadows once again. "No offence to you my friend."


Ares was relieved to see Braxton human. Their communication skills took its toll on his head. "No, I'm just glad you're out of my head. You and Lindy both just push on through, I don't even get a knock first." His lips twitched with a smile. 


Braxton smirked before he cleared his throat. "Tell me everything that has happened in the last twenty-four hours. This can be significant to her state of mind."

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Caleb licked his lips and sighed. "The last twenty four hours?" He cocked a brow. He used his arm to gesture to the piles of rubble around them. "Look around. Our home was destroyed. Demons arrived and wasted the base. Our entire home has been destroyed," He paused for a single moment. He exhaled a heavy breath. 


"We found Kassie in the wreckage. She didn't make it. Add in the fact that we got attacked inside the base looking for some more survivors, only to then find out that Jason, our supposed teammate, is actually one of them and has been lying to us for all this time. And we only found that out he was trying to kill Ares and then ran off with one his demon lackies. Oh, and then you showed up to try and bring her back from going full wolf. Am I missing anything?"


"Don't forget that your ranger powers are currently inactive," Bridge raised a finger as he chimed in. As he was met with looks from both Charlie and Caleb, he shrugged his shoulders. "What? He asked for anything he was missing. Thought I'd help."


"Right," Caleb rolled his eyes. "Our ranger powers are inactive. I think that's it then."

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Braxton bit the inside of his cheek to keep his words to himself. If time wasn't of the essences he would surely put the boy in his place. None of this would be happening to her if she didn't come back to SPD; she would be safe and out of harms way. She wouldn't be lost and on the brink of having a meltdown. "You have a lot to learn when it comes to her and her wolf." He states the obvious, pushing his hair from his face. "I'm not here to change her back. It doesn't work that way. You can't force one of us to change back if we choose not to. She has to on her own."


Ares felt his heart sink to the pit of his stomach. Being around them since he was ten, learning their way of living he knew some things. He didn't like what Braxton was saying. There was a change she may not come back around if she chose not too. Their pain and suffering they all had dealt with in such a short time. Maybe it was too much for her. "You're saying..." He didn't finish, he couldn't finish because he knew .


 Braxton looked at Ares and gave him a small nod, "I'm afraid so. Kassie's death and Jason's betrayal has severed bonds that we as shifters create with others, destroying those can very well keep her from coming back to the person we know. All this..." He waved to the mass destruction that surrounded them. "This could be too much for her. Jason's true colors pushed her over the edge."


"Sweet mother of..." Ares pinched the bridge of his nose, his head dropped and his breath was loud when he exhaled. "Fuck. This can't be good, Braxton. Lindy can't stay all wolf. She has friends and family that care about her and want her back."


"I wish it was that easy. But if she chooses not to take control again, I'm afraid there is nothing I nor my family can do. Forcing her back could kill her, that's why it's been outlawed among our pack. She has to come to terms with everything. " Braxton turned his head and looked at Caleb, his eyes were yellow and hard. "And I mean everything."


 "So what do we do? How can we help?" Ares asked, pulling himself up. "You don't expect us to not do anything...right."


 Braxton sighed softly, breaking away from his death stare and looked at the battered team. "I'm afraid so. You guys look like shit and really could use a moment or two to collect your thoughts. You haven't dealt with a raging hormonal female wolf before. Leave that to me. Be prepared for the unexpected. When we find her, we'll bring her to you."

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Caleb's knuckles cracked as he tightened his fists. "I don't think so."


To say that he didn't get along with Lindy's family would be an understatement. The didn't trust him. It was something he knew all too well. But he didn't necessarily trust them himself. Especially not when it came to anything to do with her. They might not have been together any longer, but that meant nothing to him in this moment. She needed to come back. And soon.


"I'm coming with you," He said, his eyes shifting upward to meet with Braxton's. "S.P.D is her home, even if it's destroyed. Maybe me coming will be the reminder that she needs about that."


"But your powers," Bridge said. "What if you guys run into some more trouble. You won't be able to morph. And without morphing, you won't be able to fight the demons with your weapons. And without your weapons, in your current state..."


"I'll be fine," Caleb cut him off. "I'll be able to heal myself from pretty much anything. I'll make it through. I might not be at full strength just yet, but it'll have to do. She needs to come back here. Back home."

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His lips twitched as he looked at him. His instincts were to strike, lay it into him. Yell to the holy hells that there was no way he was coming with him. He wasn't in the mood to babysit or have someone slow him down. He was at his fasted solitary and running freely.

His throat rumbled.

Ares took those few steps towards Braxton as he stopped in between them, shielding Caleb from sight. "Lindy wouldn't like that." He told the shifter, he knew the look of dominance making its peak in his dark eyes. The way his lips curled and his canines touching his bottom lip. "She likes him in one piece."

If only Braxton could look through Ares, borrow a hole into his soul and make him coward down. But he didn't. He backed away. "Fine. I won't kill him today. Ponyboy might actually be right. Establishing familiarity with her may help." He said, his lips curling with distaste. He signed heavily. "If he is to come, he will have to open the channel. He will have to allow me to communicate with him." He spoke loud enough for Caleb to hear. 

Ares flinched at the thought, creating the telepathic link with a wolf felt like a sledgehammer to your head when the first connection is made. "Caleb..."

In the distance behind them, a howl echoed through the trees. It's howl was soft with a feminine touch. Braxton turned towards the trees, his eyes shifting yellow as they searched the grounds. He caught sight of the black and white blur a moment later as the second wolf that night stepped out of the shadows. The wolf was smaller than his own, fur mixed with black and white, eyes pale as they shifted from one member to another before they fell upon Braxton. With a simple bow of its head letting him know it's time to go.

"This is Elena, Lindy's sister. She will look after you guys." Braxton told them as Elena came closer. "She'll keep you informed while we're gone."

Elena jumped up onto a slab of concrete and sat down, lowering her head to announce that she wasn't a threat to them. She was here to protect them. She shifted her eyes up as she looked at Ares.

He could feel her eyes on the back of his head. The burning sensation struck his temple. "You guys are gonna kill me." He muttered as he turned his head and allowed his eyes to meet hers. The wall crumbled and the image of Elena flashed into his head, opening the link between them. 

"I wouldn't dare..." Her voice was soft as she eased her way into his thoughts, unlike Braxton or Lindy, Elena took her time. 

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Caleb's upper lip curled slightly. He tried his best to hide his disdain for this idea. He didn't like the idea of Braxton getting in his head; he knew, however, he had no other choice. "Do it," He said simply.


Bridge bobbed his head slightly. He drew himself back, watching as this new plan was beginning to form up. He turned to Kat. "Dr. Manx," He said. "I think it might be time for us to get a move on it. We'll bring her with us," He nodded to Elena. "She can help us. But we need to get to the safe house as soon as possible. Being out here in the open like this, well, we're"


Charlie groaned and rolled her eyes. Bridge's offbeat brand of chatter was going to take some time to get used to. Even in this time of giant crisis, he still managed to try and find some kind of humor in situations. It made her feel uncomfortable almost.


She found her way over to Elena. Her head tilted to the side slightly, her eyes locking with the pale eyes of the smaller wolf. Everything around her was growing more and more crazy. She didn't understand most of it anymore. She took in a deep breath through her nose and tried to force a smile. "Hi."

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Braxton looked at Caleb and smiled. He was going to enjoy doing this. There was nothing easy about creating the open link for the very first time. Even if the permission was there, invading someone's mind wasn't smooth. It felt like a sledgehammer to your skull, a constant pain pulsing through your head until the connection can be formed and the first words are said through the link. 

"Don't move." He ordered as he turned and slipped into the shadows. Shifting could be a traumatizing experience from the unnatural way muscles and bones contort to new alignment to the hairs sprouting as skin fades away. He wanted to avoid that at all cost. One messed up situation at a time despite whatever he may feel towards a certain ranger.

Elena watched the teen approach her and lowered her head and blinked her eyes in acknowledgment to her attempt at a conversation. "Ares..."

 Ares rolled his eyes as he tried his best to move closer without tripping or hurting himself even more. His chest still hurt with each breath he took and his sides were on fire. He could use a drink even though he wasn't a drinker. "First impressions are key, Elena. This makes me look like I belong in a padded room." He said, smiling at Charlie.

Elena snorted. 

"What is it that you want to say?" He asked her ready to translate. 

"Tell her hi. "

Ares mouth dropped open. "That's all?"

"It's only right to return the greeting. It would be rude of me to ignore." 

"As you wish, your heinous." He smirked as he turned his attention to Charlie. "Your heinous here says hi."

Kat couldn't agree more with Bridge. They needed safety and she needed to attend to Ares and his hidden wounds. She needed to make sure that he was okay. The thought of losing another ranger weighed heavily on her. 

Kassie crossed her mind.

"You're right. We're sitting ducks out here. " Kat said, stepping down off the rubble and onto solid ground. "Ares, Charlie. We should go." She turned her head towards Elena where she sat. "We have a safe house that's in the woods. It's excluded and undetected."

Elena turned to the older woman and nodded her head once before her head turned to Braxton as he stepped out of the shadows, black fur and all wolf. "You heard?"

Braxton nodded his head. "Yes, wise choice. Stay alert, red eyes could be out now that they had a traitor amongst them. As soon as we find Lindy, I will let you know."

Elena stood up on all four and jumped down from her spot and approached him. "Bring her home Braxton. We all need her." She said as she nudged him with her nose. "Be gentle with your link. Lindy would rip you to shreds if you hurt her mate."

Braxton scuffed and nipped at her hind legs as his sister passed him. He shook his head and turned and made his way to stand in front of Caleb. Direct eye contact was needed. "Lets get this over with."

Ares waved his hand towards Caleb and Braxton. "Make eye contact so he can do the link. Whatever you do don't break it." He told him telling him of the process he went through when he was ten. "You'll feel a pressure and this sensation and Braxton should appear in your head. It's a gateway that you will need to open."

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"I got it."


Caleb exhaled through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare outward. He didn't like this idea any more than Braxton did. Then again, it didn't matter. They had no choice at this point. Getting Lindy back was the only thing that was important to them all. It was the only time that these two would share any common interest. Sacrifices were needed to be made. He blinked his eyes a few times before shifting them to meet Braxton's. 


A sharp pain shot through his forehead. Caleb had to fight the urge to wince or blink. He fought the urge to show any kind of weakness.


Charlie smiled at Elena, giving her a small wave to follow her. "C'mon," She said, nodding her head towards Kat and Bridge. "They're going to show us the way to the safe house. Since you're here to protect us, I guess that means you have to come along."


Bridge watched intensely as Caleb and Braxton. "Do we have to leave right this second?" He mused. "I kind of want to see this and how it works."

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