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As some of you may be aware, a few days ago I put up a notice mentioning the sites impending closure.

After talking with Illy I've decided to hold off on that at the moment. HOWEVER things still need to change and improve for things to stay open.

So in the next few weeks I'm going to be making some serious changes to the site and forum. Keep doing what you're doing on PRE, you won't lose anything. But some radical changes will be made during this time.

One thing I can say is that villains will also have a home now too. They've been overlooked for far too long.

Power Ranger news and updates will be handled differently and generally quicker soon as well.

The 2 job positions I have available in a previous post are still open and need to be filled so don't be shy about applying!

The changes when they start to happen, will happen fairly quickly.

More will be announced very soon.
I think one of the issues is that when people visit PRE, they see the exact same forums as on other PR-based boards. I'd recommend working on the forum layout in a way that the current forums become archived (as in put into a read-only category) and introduce some new, fresh and unique categories and forums, with the newer threads and posts moved to them. PRE used to have unique content and very unique, slick and modern selection of categories and forums, placed in an attractive order and placement in creative forum layouts.

Why not put the accent on writing (fan fiction) and role-playing? Or perhaps on some areas, similar to those two? Like for example, offering website & forum resources for PR/Sentai/Toku/Superhero themed sites/boards or even better, push the limits and start a Merchandise service that could go beyond Power Rangers? I'm sure that would differentiate PRE from other Power Rangers/Super Sentai/Tokusatsu themed sites/boards and it could easily help PRE gain a lot of new members. Just re-naming the site and adding new content is not enough anymore, that trick has already been mastered by everyone.

Putting and leaving the past behind would be a good choice. If I were in your place, I'd just keep the member profiles and get rid of all old threads and posts. That way, if old members would start coming back, they would still find their user profile, but would find a fresh and a clean board. It'd be better for those nostalgic ones to still have access to the old stuff, but on a separate archive board which would contain only the most important and the most notable threads and posts from the past (but not all of them).

I'd also have a forum for discussing the latest PR and Sentai seasons at the top and a forum for discussing all old seasons at the bottom and everything else in-between. That way, only new discussion threads would be featured more, with fresh perspectives from new(er) audiences on old topics related to the show(s) always present. That would completely re-fresh even old topics that have been discussed non-stop.

Additionally, making a website and integrating the board into it would be a plus since all the add-ons that can be added practically already give the impression to the visitors that they're viewing a social website and not a board.

For the skin,s I'd recommend using just 1 representative banner at the top of the page and a color-chooser so members could set their own skin color, thus eliminating the need for multiple skins.

Those are just some suggestions that came to my mind. PRE needs to become interesting again, but not only that - it needs to stand out as well. It needs to become something special once again and I think the best way of doing that is to get the interest back by directing members which content goes where and where does it go. After all, it has been proven countless times that wherever there is a fresh and a unique VISIBLE direction, there's also expressed interest by those wanting to participate in discussions and content exchange.
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I have ideas. But without some help, those ideas are gonna be hard to pull off alone.

I've already begun the process in diversifying the forum. However because Power Rangers is limited in what it offers, it's hard to do. It's generally just more of the same old same old every year with a new coat of paint covering the rust.

In other words I could post a new news release right away, and within a few hours everyone else has shared that same news. So if you post it later than most, sure for some it'll be new news. But for most it's already old news not worth commenting on.

That are it's just more of the same news on something with MMPR or the Green Ranger or a new comic or toy. But nothing that really sparks interest.

I appreciate the suggestions. Many of them are ones I've already been looking at.

Most people don't realize PRE is mobile friendly and doesn't require an app to use.

That said I have ideas. Just not yet sure how to approach them.
This might sound like a harsh truth but Power Rangers just does not have the pull to make a successful forum anymore, most of the fans are older and loosing interest and new fans are not being pulled in. An example my 5 year old finds the latest power rangers to be too stupid, this is coming from a 5 year old kinda tells you where the show stands these days.

If I am truthful, the main reason I am back on PRE is nostalgia basically, wanting to capture a but of the past and catch up with people.

I think you need to find a new direction for PRE maybe along them lines of cult TV which will enable Power Rangers to still be covered. Maybe have a front end website to the forum where you can post news articles and, reviews, previews of various topics allowing for users to comment and then proceed to the forum for more in depth conversations.
Well said. I think so simply because I'm here for the nostalgia as well. Most of the members have probably forgotten about Power Rangers as well. Whilst they still (probably) remember PRE, for them, PRE is just a place on the Internet they once frequently visited.

In addition to your suggestion, I'd recommend converting PRE's database to a free forum software solution, host it as an archive forum, and just maybe transfer all the users profiles over to a new board that is not about Power Rangers, but it does still cover it.
That way, maybe old members (at least some of them) could/should/would be interested to come back. I mean, all someone needs to do to find out about the show's history is to browse trough PRE's old threads and posts or just go to RangerBoard. Basically, everything about the show had already been OVER-discussed. Even I'm thinking of making my own board into a board that just happens to cover Power Rangers, rather than having it be about it. I know I'm the one who originally posted a completely different suggestion, but after reading Balthazar's post, it made me think about the stuff in a more widely manner.

I also agree about the new seasons being stupid. Let's face it - the most interesting episodes are the anniversary episodes, even if producers just have the veteran actors/actresses suited up and tell them to just nod at the camera or just have a guy wear the suit from a previous season and then just have someone unknown do the ADR... or even have the original cast member do it by using a fake name in the credits so they wouldn't be kicked out of the whole "union actor" deal.