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PRE Update for Sept 2018


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I've been making some changes, both noticeable and not as noticeable to help improve the experience for our members. All areas and aspects of PRE continue to be looked at and worked on. It's not the fastest process and you may not always see much, but stuff is happening behind the scenes.

When PRE was first created things like a gallery, downloads for the latest PR episodes, etc were not as easily available to find since social media at the time still had not taken hold. 

Things however have changed and things like a gallery, downloads, and even an area to buy or trade your Power Ranger merchandise are no longer needed. Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, and others have since replaced the need for those areas. So I have since removed or hidden them from view to maybe at some point re-purpose them. 

PRE has a Groups ability, where you can create and manage your own group. But even that I'm not yet sure is necessary. So I've decided to pull back and work more on the forum and website aspect of PRE. 

PRE has Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. However I don't have an unlimited amount of time to sustain them all. So I've decided to focus strictly on Facebook and the website. As well there are a ton of other PR social media sites that have a stronger presence on those social media areas. 

What makes it all so hard is that where there used to be a small amount of PR forums and media available, now it's widespread. It's not hard to find info out about previous or present seasons from the official Saban/Hasbro social media, but also the tons of other ones out there run by fans. As well you can only have the same Power Ranger convo across social media for so long before its old.

The other question is if Power Rangers can find a new footing. Sure there were other seasons but the one most people are fond of and can remember the most are the MMPR seasons. Hopefully Hasbro can inject new life into it and help give it a solid foothold because right now it's just kinda on cruise control. It just kinda seems ho-hum to many people right now. 

That being said I'm currently evaluating ways to keep improving PRE. Hopefully Hasbro can help breathe new live into the show as well to help re-invigorate the franchise.
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