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PRE Update and Clubs!


Staff member
Even though it's been here since the beginning, if you feel PRE is missing something...or you just want to talk about something specific...or even have an invite only type of closed club, feel free to create one. The link to them and create them is in the navigation bar at the top. Feel free to advertise it in the Website Directory as well!

I've also made some obvious updates to PRE today. I improved the logo, added a different header at the top, modified the navigation bar, removed the gallery and video section for the time being due to lack of interest by people, added official social media links in the Power Rangers and Legacy Wars forums, added the Power Ranger Livestream in the sidebar, added some new categories in the Website Directory, and a few other tweaks and twists here and there.

Also if you haven't yet noticed, if you are writing a post and accidentally close the browser or re-direct from that page, if you go back your content should still be there to continue working on! 

I'm gonna do a bit more tweaking of the forum before calling it good for the night. 

Hope you're enjoying PRE!


Good, Good!  :grin:

I saw the header change like 15 times yesterday too. Now i'm trying to name all the rangers and I can only come up with 3 in this one. WTH is the one with the antenna sticking out of its head? Oh hey there's that adorable green ranger from the next season. haha!

Yeah, this will keep me busy.  :55951522012314698282:
Nice updates, it's necessary to keep the board up-to-date. I'm actually thinking about bringing one of my old PR boards back, but in a new fashion.