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    Once forum re-alignment is done, the overall look, including the theme and banner will be changing to something permanent too as thats next up. So thank you for your patience!

Power Rangers Realm

Power Rangers Realm is coming back this December! Just in time for the Hasbro Era of Power Rangers, there will be a new kind of PR board on the Internet! 

But before the opening, the board needs to be set up the right way. So I'm posting this thread for those who would be willing to give good and constructive feedback for the comeback of Power Rangers Realm. What would you want to see of a PR-based boards that isn't yet on any other? My goal is to make a one-of-a-kind website. I already have a base forum structure set, but it is no different from the one used on, for example, here on RangerCrew. 

Feel free to leave your suggestions in this thread or via PM. I'm also available on RangerCrew (I'm mnikolic over there). In addition, if you have forum admin experience and know how to add forum categories, forums and set forum permissions and member groups settings and if you are familiar with Jcink, I can pre-register you with the username and the e-mail you want (to send via PM). Also, if you are interested in taking a closer look as a regular member, pre-registrations are now open.

I've already got some ideas, and one of them  is to create an index of all common Power Ranger topics. The primary focus of the board will be just Power Rangers at first, and depending on how it all works out, Super Sentai sections will be added as well.  

The board's address is https://powerrangersrealm.jcink.net/index.php. See you there!
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As of now, I'm almost done with the following:

  • forum layout (categories & forums & sub-forums)
  • Board Wrappers (codes)

This is the list of the things which still need to be done:

  • Forum Seassonial Skins (1 skin for the representation of every season)
  • Forever Ranger Skins (based on the MMPR suits color scheme - Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red)
  • 6th Ranger Skins (Green, Silver, Black, White, Combo Rangers, color variations included)
  • Creating a test board for some code & skin testing.
  • Going trough the Admin CP's every setting and to put the best system & board settings in place.
  • Member Groups Re-Structure (new staff concept & system)

A lot of work remains to be done and October's already started. 

 I'll post when I'm done with setting the forum layout and the board wrappers. Which should be sometime around next weekend (GMT+1 Time Zone).

Unofficially - I'm also thinking of doing a beta testing for Power Rangers Realm. 
I'm still looking for 2 Administrators and 2 Moderators - all of who, besides getting to be involved in the building of the board - will get to see its development in progress. 
Unfortunately, I was forced to temporarily abandon any further development and advertising of Power Rangers Realm. However, this does not mean that the board will end up being abandoned. It's completely the opposite of that as this setback is purely technical-related.

The reason for the temporary suspension of further development, work and advertising of Power Rangers Realm is due to myself not being able to purchase a new laptop for at least few years in a row. The one I have is way past its expiration date. The laptop in question in a white MacBook, produced in Late 2009, which I purchased in 2010. It suddenly decided to give up on me completely and let me "hanging in there".

The thing is I have always kept it up-to-date. Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yonsemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra. All those versions of mac OS have been installed on it and well-maintained & used. Mojave (the latest release) is no longer compatible with it. Which was fine with me until my boot partition decided it was not bootable anymore. Re-installing mac OS didn't work. I basically had to wipe everything and start anew. Which has led to the loss of my Safari-saved passwords just when I was about to save them onto a USB drive.

I tired every method to at least attempt saving Safari data, but it didn't work. None of the methods worked. But luckily, I had determined that the hard drive was still good. So I decided to opt in for installing an older version of mac OS. Using the recovery utility, I was able to partition the hard drive and name the new partition "Backup". I had a legal copy of Snow Leopard lying around (which came with the MacBook). I decided to give it a go just so see if I could at least log in to the system and it worked. I installed every available update, but there were no more working apps for the unsupported OS version.

By doing another dig trough my DVDs, I managed to find a copy of Mac OS X Lion Installer that I must've burned at some point. I was able to upgrade to it and am now looking for a copy of Mountain Lion. However, I am afraid that will be as far as I go with upgrading. Which means that most of my apps won't even work. I will be able to get online, check things out and lurk around the forum communities. But at the state my laptop's currently in, I have decided to no longer use it for board-related admin stuff . except maybe a minor tweak here and there.

It won't be until this September that I will be able to buy a new laptop. Until then, all future plans for PRR have been temporarily suspended. I will use all this time to come up with a new and a more original direction for the board. The re-naming doesn't sound like a bad choice. I'm even considering re-working PRR into something completely new, innovative and unique. PRR will become something of a one-kind only.

So stay tuned in. Watch out for this September. I might even… well… let's keep a few things inside so they can end up becoming a big and a nice surprise later for everyone.

Mnikolic (PRRealm)