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'Power Rangers Beast Morphers' Could Premiere In March


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Power Rangers Beast Morphers is just about upon us, but we aren't sure when the show will actually premiere. No official announcement has been made, but we might have a better idea of at least what month it's in now.

It was originally believed that Power Rangers Beast Morphers would debut in February of this year, and thankfully The Power Scoop has compiled all the reasons why we believed that into this handy-dandy timeline right here. What they also found was a hint that the show could end up debuting in March instead, courtesy of some posts from new Red Ranger Rorrie Travis' clients, though nothing is confirmed.

Travis is an acting coach when he's not kicking ass and stopping evil, and some of his students and their parents had the chance to hang out while he was on vacation. They posted some photos with him but also made mention that the show was hitting in March of 2019, and you can check out those posts below.

As Power Scoop mentions, Travis had previously said the show was coming in February during his first interview, but that was before the show even started shooting, so it could've easily changed during production. Hopefully, Nickelodeon and Hasbro will confirm the date soon.

Fans will start seeing Beast Morphers toys hit stores after April, as that is when the Hasbro toy license agreement officially kicks in. Granted, they are already working on all these toys, but that is when they can officially start selling them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will be adapted from the series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, which is the 36th season of Super Sentai. You can check out the official description for Power Rangers Beast Morphers below.

'Power Rangers Beast Morphers' Could Premiere In March