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Portrait Pins Released By Lineage Studios

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It’s Morphin Time at Lineage Studios!

The consumer goods company who focuses on creating collectible products for your favorite brands are beginning to span across all seasons of Power Rangers!

Lineage Studios is now releasing new “portrait pins”: pins of select Power Rangers characters, including their helmet, upper torso, and primary weapon.

The original announcement of the company’s new portrait pins showcases a release for Lord Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer from BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series, and the Gold Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo.

Fans can check out concept art of all three newly announced portrait pins below.

Click to view slideshow.
Fans can click here to order the portrait pins from Lineage Studios’ website!

Each portrait pin will be produced roughly 2 inches in size, and retail online at $20 each.

The pins will come with a chain link that gives buyers the option to attach the character’s primary weapon to the torso. The chain link can be removed allowing the pieces to be displayed separately.

Each pin will come made out of hard enamel, with a 3/4 portrait size of each character.

At this time, there is no word if the company plans to expand the portrait pin collection to other Power Rangers characters, or other seasons.

The new pins were revealed on Lineage Studios’ Twitter page.

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