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Megazord Car Shade Released

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Time to power up your vehicle!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers car shades have been released, allowing fans to block out the sun in style!

Fans can lay out these car shades across the winshield of their vehicle, allowing their car to look like the classic cockpit of the very first Megazord, with the Power Rangers at the helm.

The new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers car shade can be found at Box Lunch, a pop culture gifts and collectibles store located throughout the United States. Box Lunch produces products such as book bags and wallets, for brands ranging from Star Wars, to Overwatch, and more.

Fans can click here to order the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers car shade!

Packaging for the car shade even features the new Power Rangers logo, marking it one of the first official products to release as part of the Hasbro era!

Check out more photos of the brand new car shade below.

Click to view slideshow.
The car shade was found at Box Lunch by Instagram user NeoSabanPowerRangers.

The item is on sale in stores at a retail price of $16.99.

At this time, there is no word if Box Lunch has plans to expand Power Rangers to some of their other products, or if they plan to release car shades for other Power Rangers seasons.

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