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It's Morphin' Time!


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Last weekend I accidentally deleted some forum files behind the scenes while working on PRE, that put PRE down unexpectedly for 48 hours or so. It was a nightmare to deal with and something I didn't want to happen. 

With help of IPB the  maker of this forum software I was able to get things back up in working order. Although with it being Memorial Day weekend, getting the help needed took much longer than normal.  However it was taken care of and things are back as they were.

So with that I have taken this as an opportunity to re-evaluate what to do with PRE. Its general direction. And its future.

My key focus is to make PRE more accessible, fun, and more up to date as well as more social between members and even non-members. I understand that unlike several years ago there are now tons of options out there for Power Ranger fans. There are more PR websites, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the official websites that tend to offer the same, if not more than many of the fan forums. None of that is lost to me. 

That is why I went with IPB as PREs official forum software. It's much more future proof and more advanced with better features for staff and members than the VB forums out there that are getting old, outdated, and becoming less secure as they miss out on important security improvements only available in the newer software. It's also why you tend to see more spam accounts on them.

I will also be mirroring the current PRE to have the forum layout exactly like one from it's original inception very soon. So keep your eyes open for that. Expect some forum name changes, but content will remain the same. Also expect expansion of the forums.

I've also shrank the size of the embedded videos so they aren't so god awful huge taking up a whole page. lol

Well I best get back to work, so "Back to Action!".
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