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    Once forum re-alignment is done, the overall look, including the theme and banner will be changing to something permanent too as thats next up. So thank you for your patience!

Forum Update December Update


Staff member
Wait, it's not yet December! And you are right.

But December brings even more improvements to PRtv.

A new design. New and more content.

Seriously. Don't go anywhere. There is more to come! I just want to give you all an early heads up. Things may seem quiet, but rest assured they aren't behind the scenes and you'll start seeing that very soon!

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. Next month gets busy!


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The forum software has been updated to the newest version which brings a cleaner interface, some new features such as a 'Like' button and more. This is just the start for this month! :)


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As you can tell things have been being worked on. Significantly.

Some tweaks still need to be done, but work is still underway.

The hardest part is to have a look and feel that flows generally well regardless of if you're on mobile or have a high or low resolution monitor and to have it move reasonably fast.

A chat box is set to return but I don't want it to be the main focus as it takes away from the overall activity on the forum. So I'm working on integrating a better chat option that allows better forum activity.

The Media area and forums themselves are up next.

If you have any suggestions or problems let me know. Every bit helps!