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A few questions answered


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Why didn't you use Vbulletin as the main forum software like some other PR forums use and like PRE used ages ago?

Well, the problem is that VBulletin isn't the same as it used to be. That's why many PR forums are staying with the old versions of VBulletin rather than upgrading to the newer versions. Many mod developers don't support VBulletin 5...or even VBulletin 4. That's why many forum software are stuck in the past. If they upgrade they may lose mods they find useful and it could break their themes. As well, as I can attest to, porting to another forum software isn't easy and it can come with a set of problems on its own. Such as users having to re-learn how to use the software, even if it's much better in many areas. For some it's just too much.

So many are just 'stuck'. VBulletin has made it clear they have no VBulletin 6 in the pipeline so many of those PR forums stuck on old outdated software that with each passing week become more and more vulnerable as well as looking like outdated relics. They won't get many of the better and new features other updated or newer forums will get.

So why did PRE go with IPB and not Xenforo or even a free software?

I'll admit I've looked at Xenforo and others. I've tested Xenforo with PRE's current database. And its a great piece of software but it's still catching up. There's nothing wrong with that. And IMO it's still better than VBulletin. But I wanted flexibility and IPB offers that. Free forum software is too restricted for my needs and the needs of PREs members. And other software while ok, just wasn't there yet. For basic forum needs they were good...but I need flexibility.

There is a big new IPB update coming soon, PRE will be updated to it. It's a big update that will bring many enhancements and improvements to PRE and will be very useful for members and staff. I'm looking forward to it! All aspects of PRE from the Gallery to the forum will be affected so keep an eye out for it.

It'll happen without warning because now I don't have to upload anything. It's all taken care of behind the scenes and only takes a few minutes rather than what seemed to be hours in the past. Most people will barely be affected or even notice it happened. There will be no shut down time frame for it so if you notice PRE down...give it a few minutes and refresh. That was likely the update and you caught it while PRE was updating. Again...we're talking a few minutes...tops. Honestly most PRE upgrades have taken less than a minute so there ya go.

Fair Enough. So I've noticed PRE activity is there but not quite picking up either. Whats the plan, Stan?

Well, I haven't missed that. PRE re-launched late last fall when it wasn't ready for prime time, but also when RangerCrews original forum faded away. PRE right now is being supported by some awesome members that have made the trip over from the old PRE. Rest assured, I know it seems to be taking forever, but things are happening. You'll start to see more of that soon. How soon? VERY. Just hang in there and keep being active. People like coming to and joining in on a board that's active. More will join if they see the place is busy so keep at it!

I've been trying to get PRE to a place for members that I think is reasonable and looks good and is functionally good. Because when I start promoting PRE, it's gonna take up my time not just promoting it, but taking care of any hiccups that come along. Rest assured things will improve. Plus PR is on a bit of a hiatus right now. So there's that.

OK, so is PRE sticking around now? Is it ACTUALLY sticking around and is it still run by the original 'Mesogog', Chad? You've said that before and well, it didn't turn out well. lol

YES AND YES! I can afford PRE's hosting easily even with increased activity and I've greatly improved at how to do things on the backend that can affect members but they don't see it. Long story short, PRE isn't going anywhere. So post until your hearts content! 

I'm also improving and expanding on PREs social presence. So no worries. PRE is back in full form! I understand if you don't want to believe me and if you just want to troll to see for yourself for a bit before being more active, but PRE is back for the long haul.

And yes, I'm the original Mesogog and I'm still running it. The PRE name isn't going anywhere and it's not getting changed. In the past I tried that and it didn't go so well. Even if I felt the new name was better or more inclusive, it just didn't work out as well. So no, there are no name changes coming.

We can talk about other things as well as PR. I understand PR can get old because people can sometimes ask the same question for the 100th time thats been asked for decades, especially if they're new to the franchise. So sometimes people just want to escape into other things. PR will grow and change with the times. We will adjust without being too dramatic. I'm not perfect but I will do what I can to not be too drastic with the changes this go around unless necessary. 

Go ahead. Tell us a secret. Something that will or may excite us.

By summer PRE is gonna be kicking ass in more ways than you know right now. How? Let's just say it's bigger than anything you've seen come from PRE since its beginning. So stay tuned!
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