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Forum Update 2019


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2019 is upon us so what's in store?

Well I've been in the process of updating the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages today with some more tweaks likely tomorrow.

As you can tell I've updated the header a bit, gotten rid of the forum background as I felt it was too much for some people and slowed their experience down and may have been too distracting, and went strictly white.

I've also removed the content on the sidebar and went with a more psuedo website look rather than forum look. This also helps for those on tablets and smart phones. A few more tweaks may still be possible.

I've also made subforums instantly visible rather than as drop downs.

Also added quite a bit of content to the Discussion forum and hopefully will add more to the other forums as well. Some old and some new. But it's there for you to check out.

If you see either of these on the social media pages there's a reason. If you have a QR code scanner app on your phone, or you have a newer IPhone, scan it and you'll see what happens. I've set it up and it's really cool! I still have to modify them a bit so they fit better when shared but it's looking good so far!

Note: For IPhone users using the new XS and XS Max (and possibly some older ones) just simply point the camera at it then click on the link that pops up. You can bookmark or save that link for later too so you don't need to keep scanning it.


I have also added some more Featured Threads on the front of the forum. I will rotate them out on occasion.

The next area I'm looking at is the Media area. It needs a bit of an overhaul.

I will be posting a few position openings in the next few days so if you like Power Rangers and would like to help, keep an eye out!

I will be having a larger social media presence using the forum as the backbone. I've already started to do it so don't be surprised to see more things happening soon!

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year!
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