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Position Opening 2 positions up for grabs


Staff member
Content Curator:

The member will be responsible for helping add threads and topics of interest to PRTV and helping post up-to-date and current Power Ranger and Sentai content and news daily.

Experience is not necessary.

Website Promoter:

The member will be responsible for helping promote PRTV across all social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, websites and forums, etc). You will also be responsible for helping with suggestions on improvements for PRTV along with the Content Curator above.

Experience is not necessary.

Both positions will require the member to remain in close contact with me.

And since most people don't work for free, the 2 people selected for these positions will also get first dibs on future moderator positions, will also be eligible for staff only contests and prizes coming soon, and will also receive some upgrades to their forum account.

These positions will be open until filled. If you feel you would be a good candidate post so here.

Since they don't require any previous experience EVERYONE is eligible!