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  1. KNavarro

    How to feel old

    I still see VHS videos at the video store but no longer own a VCR. We have fully upgraded to blueray players in our home.
  2. KNavarro

    How to feel old

    I already do feel old. My youngest daughter(who turned 18 last Christmas) is graduating from high school the day after tomorrow.
  3. KNavarro

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome back! Good to see so many familiar faces.
  4. KNavarro

    Power Ranger Movie Bluray Winner!

    Congrats, Pinkie! I had to bow out due to personal stuff so its fine I didn't win.
  5. KNavarro

    Dino Charger! Energize! Kendra's Interview

    Oh man! LOL Well, their are a few I don't feel deserved the hype they received due mainly to bad writing. One of course would have to be Wild Force(I'm sorry, Beth). Another I didn't care for was Turbo. It to me lacked the punch of previous seasons. I also felt it was a bad decision using a child as Rocky's replacement. Btw just to throw this out there. My younger daughter, Katherine is now into Power Rangers.
  6. KNavarro

    Dino Charger! Energize! Kendra's Interview

    Thanks, Pinkie! Great to be back! My favorite season would probably still be Operation Overdrive mainly because it's different from other seasons. Only part I didn't like was the whole "Mack is a robot" thing.
  7. KNavarro

    Are Power Ranger Toys on your Christmas list?

    Originally none but my daughter bought me a copy of the new Power Rangers movie on DVD. My younger daughter wanted an Alpha 5 toy for her birthday (today) and is getting it. She has asked for Blue. Pink, and White Rangers after Christmas from Ninja Steel.
  8. KNavarro

    Dino Charger! Energize! Kendra's Interview

    Besides still watching them I do cap for artwork. I have a lot of the seasons on DVD. No, I don't collect the toys, but I did watch the new movie and did like it.
  9. KNavarro

    Dino Charger! Energize! Kendra's Interview

    I officially became a fan back in the early 90s when MMPR first aired. I was introduced to it when I babysat my niece and nephew.
  10. KNavarro

    Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    I am also a backer on greenlighting the sequel. As another one of the older fans, I can honestly say it was just as huge if not slightly bigger than the original since its based off Saban's original concept of making it with the core five originals.
  11. KNavarro

    Introduce yourself!

    No problem. What are friends for? LOL
  12. Thought I'd give in and offer myself up for an interview.
  13. KNavarro

    Introduce yourself!

    Hey Matt! Its me Hails from PRO. Welcome aboard!
  14. KNavarro

    The Passage Of Time

    LOL! I've been here and there I guess you could say. Busy raising my daughters and trying to fight off the urge to strangle my husband(he gets on my nerves at times).
  15. KNavarro

    Interview Mesogog!

    What did you think of the reboot movie of Power Rangers and if you had the chance what would you of changed about it?