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  1. Are Power Ranger Toys on your Christmas list?

    Originally none but my daughter bought me a copy of the new Power Rangers movie on DVD. My younger daughter wanted an Alpha 5 toy for her birthday (today) and is getting it. She has asked for Blue. Pink, and White Rangers after Christmas from Ninja Steel.
  2. Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    I am also a backer on greenlighting the sequel. As another one of the older fans, I can honestly say it was just as huge if not slightly bigger than the original since its based off Saban's original concept of making it with the core five originals.
  3. Introduce yourself!

    No problem. What are friends for? LOL
  4. Introduce yourself!

    Hey Matt! Its me Hails from PRO. Welcome aboard!
  5. The Passage Of Time

    LOL! I've been here and there I guess you could say. Busy raising my daughters and trying to fight off the urge to strangle my husband(he gets on my nerves at times).
  6. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I am honestly looking forward to the newest Star Wars movie. I was raised on both Star Trek and Star Wars and love both.
  7. Power Rangers Online Message Board

    Yay! I was hoping you'd add the board link!
  8. Introduce yourself!

    You're welcome. It really has.
  9. Introduce yourself!

    Hey Mnik! Welcome back!
  10. Introduce yourself!

    Hey Pinkie! Welcome back!
  11. Introduce yourself!

    Thanks a lot, Chad! It's great to be back!
  12. Introduce yourself!

    Yeah. LOL I know. Forgot about that.
  13. Introduce yourself!

    Hey! Welcome back to PRE! It's me, Hailey.
  14. Introduce yourself!

    Hi Illy. Thank you very much.
  15. Introduce yourself!

    Hey there! Glad to see PRE back in action! Hi Chad! This is Kendra. I use to go by Kim, Hailey, and several others. I dropped out for awhile due to money and health problems(one I still deal with daily), but am getting back into it some.
"We are PRE!"