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  1. Bria come back!!!!!!!!!! :bawling:

  2. Psylocke

    Happy Birthday Thread

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAL AND STEVE! Hooray for first post. Along with PWO Kristy and Slash5130
  3. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    Maybe you should have a look see at Illy and Femme
  4. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    Nope..I'm only 16, although I think it was Danny that said I sounded older on mic. We used to have voice chats over the summer, Shin wouldn't join cause he just assumed we're all a bunch of weirdos. But I got to hear Rob's voice and sometimes Illy would burp....like loud. What I meant was Zephy doesn't look hyperactive or sugar high..at least in her picture, she looks nice and sweet and normal and doesn't even have pink hair.
  5. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    O.O I'll probably have my picture taken next week, seeing as my birthday is next Wednesday . But I wouldn't post it in the picture thread...just here. I'm turning 16, the law can only protect me from so much. If I'm taking a picture for you, you can all take a picture for me.... Edit: Ahahahaha, I've seen Zephy. I think Bal has too...and maybe Mes, I don't really remember. She's really pretty and not what you expect at all
  6. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    Noo...I only found out because Zephy told me to look at his new pictures. HIS SHIRT WAS BUTTONED, I'M SO PROUD! Well..my hair is longer then Tendou's, it lacks curl though. It's at my shoulders and I'm still considering whether I'll go blonde for the summer or not, natural brunette .
  7. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    Shin is baaaack
  8. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    That's too bad, I'd probably be the star. ...I could own Tendou with my hair alone.
  9. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    They should have just had giant slugs....you could use all the salt they put in ramen and ta-da, they're dead! ;D
  10. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    I watched an episode of Kabuto on youtube today! Giant worms? :3 it's a friggin nightmare
  11. Psylocke

    Harry Potter

    invisionfree has a lot of traffic..if you end up getting a lot of members, your board will slow down and sometimes even get held up for minutes at a time :\
  12. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    The boots...they look like slippers.
  13. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    Waki waki? *stabs self* V_V
  14. Psylocke

    Деатх Годс

    Yeeeah I don't think any of you boys get to complain about having big heads..>.>
  15. Psylocke

    The Elite Are Present

    Hmm...thats an interesting question o.o More often now that I'm not a freshman anymore..and my brother graduated from high school. I mostly turn them down or laugh them off, cause they either grab me too much or say stupid stuff. I think the most serious relationship I've been in lasted a couple of weeks, Zephy kept making fun of his name cause it reminded her of the guy from the Cosby show lmao. And I hate hyperactive red rangers in Sentai. Ryouga is an exception, cause the relationship he had with his niece was cute..and he was cute. Ban looked weird and Jan looks and acts like hes going through withdrawl XP.