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  1. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Deep advice

    I'm 18 and have no one, don't even have friends who I can hang out with or anything so getting a boyfriend is near impossible seeing as I can't even get the whole have friends thing right.
  2. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Post a pic of yourself

    Nope, there actually a really dark blue, look nearly black sometimes.
  3. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Post a pic of yourself

    0_o how the heck did you figure out I had blue eyes from that?
  4. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Post a pic of yourself

    lol well you haven't seen my face, a Ranger never reviels their secret identiy.
  5. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Post a pic of yourself

    lol you all are... just glad I haven't posted a pic recently, well ever lol
  6. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Post a pic of yourself

    omg this thread is making me kill myself laughing lmao
  7. Shadow Ranger Blue

    I know I've been away too long

    wow PRF I haven't seen you around for so long, its good to see you back here.
  8. Shadow Ranger Blue

    SKS Warriors unite!!!!

    SKS rule lol, sorry I haven't been around here much, talk about getting too much work, oh well, my exams end in June so I will have all the time in the world to spend on Rangers Wars and everything else I want to do.
  9. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Deadly shooting at US university

    When I first saw the video on the news it really creeped me out mainly because there was obviously something wrong with him and no one had done anything about it. The other thing thats really bugging me is that when I was in college today on my laptop a teacher saw my desktop, its a death note wallpaper from the movie, he took one look at it and told me to change it. There wasn't anything wrong with it, just a pic of three people and Ryuk in the background but he said after whats happened in America it wasn't suitable to have asian wallpapers especially with the word death on it. He also said that I should keep what I watch quiet as I also love watching asian movies, especially the horror and violent ones, I even have oldboy on dvd. I don't see a problem with what I watch but it seems he wasn't happy with me at all over this stuff and I did argue with him over it saying there was nothing wrong with Toku and the other stuff I watch but it seems at the moment its a really bad thing...
  10. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Is April a cursed month?

    Is April cursed, not really since every other month has its bad times, though I bet everyone else in my college who is trying to finish off coursework would agree with this statement, me included lol.
  11. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Study: Violent Video Games Don't Make Kids Violent

    lol you know, I'm gonna be paranoid about posting here from now on lol *checks over what I've written to make sure its safe to post*
  12. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Ranger May Cry

    Yeah it is, the games rule, I have 1-3 and there all awesome especially number three with Dan Southworth doing one of the voices lol
  13. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Study: Violent Video Games Don't Make Kids Violent

    oh crap.... now this is why I never post, people like to change what you say to mean something completely different.... *has gone bright red*
  14. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Study: Violent Video Games Don't Make Kids Violent

    I play violent games all the time and there really fun, good to let off some steam sometimes when you get really annoyed with something. Though I play them and really enjoy killing in the games I'm not going to suddenly grab my katana and go out on a killing spree no matter how much someone annoys me, though I have been known to get really annoyed once or twice and go for someone who really annoys me but that doesn't happen often.
  15. Shadow Ranger Blue

    Something not good happen to me today!

    That should not have happened under any circumstances, police cannot take something from you without filling out a load of forms and taking down your details plus if there not obvious copies or anything they have no irght at all to take them from you. Even if they where copies they still can't do much as you are not the seller, if I where you I would go and file and complaint and cause a big fuss until you get them back. If having forign dvds is now wrong nearly all my dvds would be illegal.