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  1. jsutton0010

    Lost Doctor Who Stories animated.

    this is a question on the classic series. If any of you guys have seen The Invasion on dvd then you know that episodes 1 and 4 were lost and they were animated for the dvd. Since it worked so well, would you guys like the first and second Doctor lost stories to be animated for viewing?:laugh:
  2. jsutton0010

    What Is Your Pick On The Handheld Morphers?

    The power coins were the worst since they could come loose and fall off the rangers belt as it happened to jason when he fought tommy. the Zeo morphers are the best since they only appear when the rangers were going to morph by turning their wrists. The turbo ones were not bad but where did they keep the crystal key?. Space morphers good for hidding as i'm sure they were only the size of a small watch. Galaxy morphers a bit to big but stayed on their wrists. Lightspeed morphers thin small and perfect but really didn't matter as everyone knew they were rangers. Time Force morphers not too big and easy to use. Wildforce morphers good size but where did the white ranger keep hers as she always wore a mini skirt which had no pockets and did her jacket have pockets. Ninja storm morphers excellent easy to hide and small. Dino thunder morphers same as the ninja storm. SPD mophers great since they were disposable. Mystic force and Operation Overdrive morphers same as wild force.
  3. jsutton0010

    Pr Mess Ups With Sentai Footage

    Well so what it's just a tv series and who cares. I think crystal ranger your obsessed, just accepted pr for what it is and if sentai footage that's not needed gets added by accident then so be it.
  4. jsutton0010

    American Gun Laws need to be changed

    Now I'm sure many of you members who are American probably won't agree with me, but your gun laws need to be changed. you'd think after this many massacres your thick headed president would change the laws but no he still says that all american families have the right to bare arms. I'm from Australia and we've only had one massacre you know the reason why, extreamly tight gun laws and anyone who is mentally ill can not get a gun. Sure we have drive by shootings but nothing as horrific as what happened so many times before in the US. One more thing children can not get guns until they are adults unlike in verginia where kids can buy up to 3 guns. So Gun laws in America needs to be changed now or soon? who agrees with me and who doesn't.:bad:
  5. An all female teamup don't see it happening, sorry but I dought Disney is going to do one and if they were to read some of the responses to this forum it would never happen word of advise, this is meant to be a forum that kids can join.
  6. After reading your answers on the forum about hating Wild Force I came to the conclusion that the main reason was the acting, but come on that is so superficial as acting is not what makes PR great. Every season of PR from Mighty Morphin to yes even Operation Overdrive the acting is terrible even laughable but that's not why I watch PR I, watch it because it's fun, the action, the zords, the monsters etc. I'd like to know which of you guys watch PR for acting and why? But remember that show Passions had the worst acting in the world, you guys know it did, but it was successful not for acting but for the addictive nature of the show and knowing it's bad but you can't turn away.
  7. This is for the Aussies. Does anyone in Australia know if or when Channel 7 is planning to put WildForce, NinjaStorm, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive on tv?
  8. jsutton0010

    Who Is From Australia

    I'm from Sydney.
  9. jsutton0010

    GTA IV shold be on the WII

    Since GTA VI is coming for the PS3 and XBOX360 shouldn't it come out for the WII as well? The WII is a great system but GTA IV would boost it's sales and make people realise that that Nintendo Consoles aren't just for kids as the GameCube was thought as a kiddy consoles dispite games such as Resident Evil. So GTA IV Should it come out for the WII?
  10. jsutton0010

    Time For A African American Pink Ranger.

    Guys please stay on the topic, this disscusion about sir names has nothing to do with the topic and it's about pink not red so that thing about having a asian red ranger is not relevent to this topic either. So please keep on track.
  11. jsutton0010

    Tommy Oliver: The Greatest Of All Time

    The greatest well that's like saying that the fourth Doctor is the greatest but in reality no character is the greatest. Tommy is not the greatest but one of the best rangers, he is not half human he is just human it has never been mentioned in the show to prove that. Tommy has only been in 4 full seasons as he was not in every episode in season one, two and turbo. As a red ranger he is not the best red ranger. I believe that Jason is the Greatest Ranger as he is the original red ranger, as the saying says ''The original is always the best''.
  12. jsutton0010

    Tekken 6 Will Not Be A Ps3 Exclusive

    About time tekken comes to other systems. A WII version would be fantastic.
  13. jsutton0010

    Live-action Powepuff Girls Movie

    Oh for the love of god It would suck hard I mean come on i've watched the show and there is no way that the idea for the show could translate in to a live action film. If this does happen then I'm afraid this will be Peter Jackson's first bad movie.
  14. After 15 years Don't you guys think it is time for a female African American actor to be the pink ranger. I mean 15 years, (minus the series that didn't have a pink ranger) and there hasn't been one sounds a bit strange. I believe a African American Pink Ranger would be great.
  15. jsutton0010


    Good to see you made the right choice. Two games to get are Legend of Zelda and Red Steel it's great don't believe what everyone else says.