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  1. Hey, guys! I'm turbo5 (or zeo5) and I'm from Russia. Let me to invite you on our forum: http://forum.powerrangers.ru/showthread.php?t=28 We've done a special part in English for you! How it would be great to speak with power rangers fans about all!!! We want to get new friends from all countries of the world. And we want to be your friends!:happy: We'll be waiting for you impatiently!:023:
  2. turbo5

    New Interview By Ron Wasserman For Russia

    You're welcome Mesogog! And thanks for this comments, i appreciate this.. :happy:
  3. Hi guys! Composer R. Wasserman gave a very interesting interview to Russian PR fans. English version is located here: http://powerrangers.ru/texts/inron_en.htm In interview Ron tells us about his new group, soundtracks, Power Rangers, Super Sentai and much other. What do you think about this? Welcome to Power Rangers In Russia
  4. turbo5

    Overdrive/operation Overdrive Lyrics

    Offcourse in Multimedia section - http://powerrangerempire.com/communitychan...showtopic=10113 (It's from Zeo!)
  5. turbo5

    Overdrive/operation Overdrive Lyrics

    here - The Mighty RAW - Overdrive ---------------------------------- Hey move over to the limit in overdriiiiive, Don't you know that we're gonna have the time of our liiiiives, Let's get moving to the limit in overdriiiiive, Faster, faster till we're travelling the speed of liiiight. We won't have the time to stop on the waaaaay, Save the negative fears for another daaaay, Yeah! (Faster, faster) Hey move over to the limit in overdriiiive, Faster, faster till we're travelling the speed of liiiiight, Yeah!
  6. turbo5

    Power Rangers On Tv!

    In Russia: Ren-TV (PR seasons) 1-First Channel (PR movies)
  7. I like all of them!!! They all are best But my first's is (all by Ron Wasserman): MMPR Zeo Turbo Space SPD .... and others
  8. turbo5

    Best power ranger game

    MMPR-TM Sega Genesis (Very best.....) than - MMPRTM Snes, PRTF Gba, MMPRTM SMS,...
  9. turbo5

    Best Red Ranger????

    Of course best - Jason!!! Second - Tommy!
  10. turbo5

    Tmnt 4 Teaser Trailer

    Cool trailer!! and cool movie~!
  11. turbo5

    Top 10 Major PR villians (series and movies)

    My list...: Lord Zedd Goldar Zeltrax Rita Mesogog Ecliptor Darkonda Ransik Grumm Ivan Ooze
  12. turbo5

    Best White Ranger

    off course - TOMMY!!
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    Has -Gold in name
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