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  1. coxy888

    Wwtbapr-challenge Mode!

    im a bit tired right now and i cant think properly so ill try and remember what my answer was and send it to ya a bit later if thats cool and thats an awsome pic cps
  2. coxy888

    Would you audition?

    i would definetly audition for a part, because i love acting and i love power rangers, and also im gonna be an actor, actually i am an actor, ive been in one play and ive got 2 coming up
  3. coxy888

    Your Lucky Number

    mine are 7 and 8, there are many reasons for 8, i wont say any cause the list could go on for days, but 7 because there are 7 members in S Club 7, and some of the lucky things thats happened to me were 7
  4. coxy888

    Do You Watch Pr Much Anymore?

    I watch it still, but only on the computer, its rarely on telly (i mean like once a week and its on too early in the morning) and there going through SPD for like the second or third time
  5. coxy888

    Pr Caption Thread

    He's a Zombie
  6. coxy888

    Who Is From Australia

    im from Vic too
  7. coxy888

    Xander Likes Chicken

    mabey we are, i havnt checked the paper for a while, but about a month ago it said Time Force was on at like 1am
  8. coxy888

    Who Hates Riddles

    gladiators in the roman colluseum?
  9. coxy888

    Who Hates Riddles

    is it to do with big bad beetle borgs or kamen rider?
  10. coxy888

    Who Hates Riddles

    that ones Zords, is it?
  11. coxy888

    The Pants Game

    Star Wars: Knight of the Old Pants
  12. coxy888

    Pr Caption Thread

    Rose: Aw god Ronny that stinks
  13. coxy888


    my fave series is 4, i never saw much of 3 2 was good and 1 was good
  14. coxy888

    Xander Likes Chicken

    no it hasnt, on free to air tv we're only up to Time Force and on pay tv we're up to SPD
  15. coxy888

    Who Is From Australia

    i was looking around and noticved there arent many aussies here, so this is just to see how many of us actually get on here.