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  1. Major Update 2/14

    This is really cool. Its nice that all the old posts are preserved.
  2. The future of Power Rangers

    I think it would be a good idea to stidk with the same case for a few different seasons. Megaforce kind of did this, even though it was two shorter seasons. They seem to have resisted doing multi season Ranger team so I wouldn't expect them too. Unless its another Megaforce situation.
  3. The future of Power Rangers

    I see the TV series continuing as it has with no real big changes. We will continue to have Boom Comics and toys. . I wouldn't be surprised if they tried another film at some point. The brand should continue as is.
  4. His character in the movie was well written and was truely the heart of the team.
  5. That is an interesting way to look at the new movie. But I think superhero movies are more like Power Rangers than people want to admit.
  6. Power Rangers 2 Movie Ideas

    Good Ideas. I am not sure if I would introduce all this in the next sequel. Expanded Universe stuff is cool but with the lukewarm box office numbers the best thing to do is focus on MMPR right now. Studios sometimes shoot themselves in the foot by trying to hard to create an expanded universe. Marvel was able to do it naturally and had a string of successful movies that were loosely connected before they really brought everything together. I am also reluctant of doing anything beyond introducing Zedd for a third film. Since handling the introduction of Tommy and possible return of Rita is probably enough for one movie. Especially since you just established the core five. Of course a sequel could start a year or two later with the Rangers successfully defending the earth from outside threats equivalent to monsters of the day. Which could lead them to being humbled by Tommy. I like the idea of Tommy being a flawed character without an evil spell. The key is to give him or her the proper motivation to fight the Rangers. You could also make Tommy more of an anti hero who isn't outright evil.
  7. Power Ranger Movie Bluray Winner!

    Wow didn't even know I was in the running lol.
  8. I used to enjoy browsing the archives of the old ezboards on Way Back Machine. But I recently discovered that ezboard is blocked now. Its a bummer. The archives were far from perfect but it was something. I know they became yuku and just got sold to Tapatalk. But Tapatalk still owns the domain so I am not sure why it would be blocked. I noticed Way Back's Beta search engine blocked it before and now they switched to that permanently. So maybe it has something to do with that.
  9. Are Power Ranger Toys on your Christmas list?

    Its funny because I am now old enough to have a nephew and cousins to buy for. I didn't buy any PR toys this year since I am not sure if my one cousin that watched, still does. He is more into the Paw Patrol these days lol.
  10. Super Sentai

    I can't see Power Rangers continuing in its current form without Super Sentai to use for footage. Its no longer cheap to reproduce live action without the Sentai Footage. But Power Rangers also helps to keep SS on the air... Since Saban Brands pays them money for the footage, which goes toward production costs.
  11. Thats very interesting. Since the critics were mixed on pr and audiences loved the film. Whereas critics loved LJ and some fan reaction is mixed.
  12. Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    The movie wasn't supposed to be a kids movie. It chased the same audience Marvel Movies, Transformers, and Star Wars chases. Which also includes children into the equation, in a amazing way. I do agree you don't want to scare kids or their parents away. Which is why this wasn't rated R. I do think they need to do a better job of selling this to the older and younger audiences. Although I would hope home video sales would help to show people why this movie franchise is worth their time. I think there is definitely room for a sequel. Your still relying on rhe same brand name even if you reboot. So you might as well stick with the current franchise and making it work. Rebooting would just confuse people anyway. And I really think the movie was better than the reviews and box office numbers it received. The budget would have to be kept in line again to make this a go though.
  13. It captures a lot or why PR is in the hearts and minds of a lot of millennials . I do think a lot pf it is nostalgia too. Whicn we have seen with plenty of other properties too.
  14. Power Rangers Online Message Board

    No problem, thank you!
  15. Long story running Message Board for the Power Rangers television series. We discuss the PRU and bqckstage history of the series in detail. We also comment on the current episodes and where they are going. We would be hapoy to have you stop by and add to the discussions. We are also partnered with Power Rangers Central. Ranger Gallery is another sister site http://www.powerrangersonline.com/ http://www.rangercentral.com http://www.rangergallery.com Interesting threads to reply to Whether to keep filming in New Zealand? http://powerrangersonline.com/showthread.php?t=5358 Alpha 5 Theories http://powerrangersonline.com/showthread.php?t=8257 Ryan Steel as Gold Ranger http://powerrangersonline.com/showthread.php?t=8245 SPD in Continuity? http://powerrangersonline.com/showthread.php?t=6240 What if Tommy never lost Green Ranger Powers? http://powerrangersonline.com/showthread.php?t=8245
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