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  1. PRangerX

    Saban Brands is shutting down

    Toei won't let them go cartoon only. They blocked Disney from going that route after RPM. Disney bought PR by accident when they bought Saban Entertainment. They cancelled the show and were talked into doing Ninja Storm by Doug and Ann. Saban bought PR because he knew its value. Hasbro is doing the same. Except for five times more than Saban paid to get it back. I think Saban is just retiring and found a good owner to take over. Hasbro is invested in PR. As much as people complain about the swries the brand has grown tremendously under them. They are on a strong station, streaming platforms, DVD Box Sets, comic books ect... And points for them for at least getting a movie produced. The toy brand is still valuable as well.
  2. PRangerX

    The health of the franchise

    I think the franchise is actually pretty healthy overall. It is still a popular toyline. Saban Brands did a good job branching out into different avenues. Like Hyper Force, Boom Comics, and the attempt to do a movie franchise. The TV show could be better but it obviously is still valuable to Nick. As much as fans don't like Nick's split seasons, itq is a gdaood network for the brand. I don't think the failure of the movie is a sign the franchise is dying. It was more a failure to turn PR into a brand that can attract general audiences. The movie didn't grab the attention of the general audiences the original TF films won over. I think the promotion for the film could have been a lot better. I think a lot of people thought it was supposed to be a kids movie. Power Rangers isn't going anywhere. Its an evergreen franchise. We live in a culture with constant reboots. So even if the series was cancelled again, it would find new life down the line. Hasbro just bought brand for a significant amount of money. So they are invested for he long haul. The show will keep going to at least sell toys.
  3. Interesting to see Lionsgate still associated with the franchise.
  4. PRangerX

    Hasbro aquires Power Rangers

    I was surprised that this happened so soon. But I figured it was coming eventually once the potential buyout option was mentioned in the toy deal. PR should be. a good fit for Hasbro. Who no doubt are invested in the brand.
  5. I think we will get another movie someday. Its very questionable whether the movie would be a sequel though. I would personally rather a sequel. I really enjoyed the first movie and am disappointed it didn't perform better. To me doing another reboot so soon wouldn't help and could make things worse. If your gonna do another PR movie your still trying to rely on the PR brand. So doing a reboot is unnecessary. We don't need another origin movie anyway. Just focus. on doing a sequel that is good but also attracts more of an audience.
  6. PRangerX

    Major Update 2/14

    This is really cool. Its nice that all the old posts are preserved.
  7. PRangerX

    The future of Power Rangers

    I think it would be a good idea to stidk with the same case for a few different seasons. Megaforce kind of did this, even though it was two shorter seasons. They seem to have resisted doing multi season Ranger team so I wouldn't expect them too. Unless its another Megaforce situation.
  8. PRangerX

    The future of Power Rangers

    I see the TV series continuing as it has with no real big changes. We will continue to have Boom Comics and toys. . I wouldn't be surprised if they tried another film at some point. The brand should continue as is.
  9. PRangerX

    RJ Cyler Still Has Ideas for 'Power Rangers' Sequel

    His character in the movie was well written and was truely the heart of the team.
  10. That is an interesting way to look at the new movie. But I think superhero movies are more like Power Rangers than people want to admit.
  11. PRangerX

    Power Rangers 2 Movie Ideas

    Good Ideas. I am not sure if I would introduce all this in the next sequel. Expanded Universe stuff is cool but with the lukewarm box office numbers the best thing to do is focus on MMPR right now. Studios sometimes shoot themselves in the foot by trying to hard to create an expanded universe. Marvel was able to do it naturally and had a string of successful movies that were loosely connected before they really brought everything together. I am also reluctant of doing anything beyond introducing Zedd for a third film. Since handling the introduction of Tommy and possible return of Rita is probably enough for one movie. Especially since you just established the core five. Of course a sequel could start a year or two later with the Rangers successfully defending the earth from outside threats equivalent to monsters of the day. Which could lead them to being humbled by Tommy. I like the idea of Tommy being a flawed character without an evil spell. The key is to give him or her the proper motivation to fight the Rangers. You could also make Tommy more of an anti hero who isn't outright evil.
  12. PRangerX

    Power Ranger Movie Bluray Winner!

    Wow didn't even know I was in the running lol.
  13. I used to enjoy browsing the archives of the old ezboards on Way Back Machine. But I recently discovered that ezboard is blocked now. Its a bummer. The archives were far from perfect but it was something. I know they became yuku and just got sold to Tapatalk. But Tapatalk still owns the domain so I am not sure why it would be blocked. I noticed Way Back's Beta search engine blocked it before and now they switched to that permanently. So maybe it has something to do with that.
  14. PRangerX

    Are Power Ranger Toys on your Christmas list?

    Its funny because I am now old enough to have a nephew and cousins to buy for. I didn't buy any PR toys this year since I am not sure if my one cousin that watched, still does. He is more into the Paw Patrol these days lol.
  15. PRangerX

    Super Sentai

    I can't see Power Rangers continuing in its current form without Super Sentai to use for footage. Its no longer cheap to reproduce live action without the Sentai Footage. But Power Rangers also helps to keep SS on the air... Since Saban Brands pays them money for the footage, which goes toward production costs.