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  1. The movie wasn't supposed to be a kids movie. It chased the same audience Marvel Movies, Transformers, and Star Wars chases. Which also includes children into the equation, in a amazing way. I do agree you don't want to scare kids or their parents away. Which is why this wasn't rated R. I do think they need to do a better job of selling this to the older and younger audiences. Although I would hope home video sales would help to show people why this movie franchise is worth their time. I think there is definitely room for a sequel. Your still relying on rhe same brand name even if you reboot. So you might as well stick with the current franchise and making it work. Rebooting would just confuse people anyway. And I really think the movie was better than the reviews and box office numbers it received. The budget would have to be kept in line again to make this a go though.
  2. It captures a lot or why PR is in the hearts and minds of a lot of millennials . I do think a lot pf it is npstalgia too. Whicn we have seen with plenty of other properties too.
  3. Power Morphicon 2018

    Yeah same issues here. I am on the opposite coast lol. But I wish the con well and think its great that it exists for fans to attend. Plus there is usually youtube videos and reviews of it for those of us that can't make it.
  4. Who you gonna ask? Ask Pinkie!

    Was it intimidating posting in a mostly adult forum when you were a kid?
  5. Yeah, she wasn't playing with it and just wanted it in her drawer. It is odd how the school has a different side of the story and claims there is no issue. But pulling the kid out of school over it isn't the answer. So I am glad that the kid is back in school and they are trying to work it out.
  6. Interview Mesogog!

    You have said you don't follow the show that much anymore? I am curious as to what was the last season you watched religiously?
  7. I could see where that would help. Since it would help with their performance. It did look like they had a lot of fun on this that show. And it's been said before that the cast real l helped to make this season.. It would be cool to see Jen and Wes reunited on Hyperforce. If they could have them both guest star.
  8. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I like Star Trek as well. Just bought my tickets to Star Wars.
  9. Power Rangers 2017

    Edit: You can delete my first reply, it wouldn't let me edit my first response so I posted my revision as a new reply. I think the general public just wasn't willing to accept a power rangers movie for a general audience. Ironically children and families were alienated. But you needed the general audience to really make this work. I think the promotion needed to be a lot better, it failed to capture people's imaginations. The critic's also didn't embrace the movie and it was a bit of an afterthought. It did okay at the box office but not good enough. That said, I thought the movie itself was excellent. You could really tell that the the director really cared about the film. The story was well written and had a lot of heart. The movie had great characterization. By the end of the movie you are rooting for the Rangers to win. You can tell a real backstory was carefully crafted for this new continuity. As much as it had trouble , an audience...The movie really was written for all audiences to enjoy. I keep running into adults that really enjoyed the movie. It seems unfair that Power Rangers would have some type of stigma holdint it back, when plenty of other children's shows have graduated to general audience movies. The suit and zord designs could have been better but its not like the action scenes they had weren't still good. A common complaint is the lack of action but I don't think more action scenes alone would have attracted an audience . And it would have increased to budget to the point where it would have become a major failure. The story and characterizations also could have suffered greatly. It probably is unlikely that we will get a sequel. But I don't think its impossible. The movie wasn't a major flop or money loser. But it didn't do as well as hoped and Hollywood expects movies like this to be home runs. It does help that Lionsgate fiances their films with international investors that greatly subsidize the cost of the budget. There is also video and online sales to consider. As well as any money made off of merchandise. It wouldn't be the last franchise to get a second chance to prove itself. The audience response actually was high for the movie . You also have the Power Ranger Brand and the idea a movie franchise would be attractive to Saban Brands and Hollywood. Any future reboot would be living off that anyway. Even if we don't get another film , this one is there to enjoy forever and could become a cult classic later on. I have to believe there would be some sort of movie down the line at some point. Someone is going to want to try again with yet another reboot. Even if Saban's Power Rangers didn't succeed the way they wanted, it does give PR an example of having something meant for adults too. Which helps the brand long term with this type of thing .
  10. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Amyone else excited about the new movie?
  11. Introduce yourself!

    HI! I figured it was you since you posted right after posting in the ad at PRO. Plus you mentioned Hailey as one of your old names here.
  12. Introduce yourself!

    My name is PRangerX. I currently admin the Power Rangers Online Message Board. I have posted on Rangerboard, Power Rangers Network, Rangertalk, and Power Ranger Empire. I usee to run the PRO websire but shut that down to focus on the board and partner with Power Rangers Central.
  13. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    I hope you feel better. I noticed the social media additions. They are a good idea to add. I always wished you could share and like posts on Rangerboard.
  14. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    There were people that offered. I did myself.... But I was told the decision was made. They didn't seem to think it was worth paying for due to social media. I disagree though, because I think there are things about a board that you lose with social media. Boards are better for long discussion I think. And Rangercrew was still a popular board. I am surprised it got abandoned so easily. It sounded like O.92 wanted out since the rest of the staff are the ones that started the new version.Maybe he didn't want to pass it on? I know just handed it over to anyone might have been worrisome. But if he really looked he could have found someone. It will be interesting to see how the new board holds up over time. Its not just social media that has made it hard to start boards. Its the fact anyone can start a premium board at an affordable rate. Just starting a vbulletin or invisionboard doesn't guarantee you success.Of course most of the competing boards to RB are gone or shells of their former selves... So there may be more of any opening for someone to rise up. Its going to take time to rebuild PRE. But its not impossible. I see you haven't really advertised. I think thats good because its better to ease into this. Since there have been a lot of restarts in the past. Helpfully, more people notice the address is back online.
  15. The comic books have really taking advantage of the more creative freedom they have. Having a mirror universe type au introduced us really cool.