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  1. BLSspink

    Bring back a team?

    I was thinking the other day it would be wonderful to see the silver gaurdians Wes and Eric it would believable for them to show up in the furture.
  2. BLSspink

    Which Ranger Was Hottest

    Sorry! Jason then
  3. BLSspink

    Which Ranger Was Hottest

    Tommy and Jason!
  4. BLSspink

    Date a Ranger?

  5. BLSspink

    Episode 8: Both Sides Now... Episode Discussion

    When I heard the man law part all I could think was hey MMPR Kat did you hear that you don't mess with a friend's ex :weird: Otherwise it was a good episode eventhough their plan didn't really achieve anything they lost the scroll and freed Kamdor and I wiss they would have had a moment with the group at the end.
  6. BLSspink

    Best Female Blue Ranger

    Tori She was awesome
  7. BLSspink

    Who Is Your Favoite Pink Ranger

  8. BLSspink

    Operation Overdrive - Episode 7: At All Costs

    It was one of the better episodes of Operation Overdrive eventhough Ronnie still annoys me a little
  9. BLSspink

    your favourite series of power rangers?

  10. I am over the whole genetic upgrade and fast and upclose fight scenes but otherwise the series was Ok. The rangers are pretty good except for some bad American accents. Out of all of them I think I think Will is my favorite he just seems cool Mack will be a good red ranger eventhough I don't think he'll be in the Jason and Tommy league I love that Rose the Pink ranger is the smart one Ronnie was kinda bland Dax had some funny moments I don't feel the team connection but that I guess will take time.
  11. BLSspink

    My Thoughts A Season To Rember

    In a way Yeah SPD is any look into the furture is uncertain
  12. BLSspink

    Zeo Question

    I heard these there probably rumors but i heard she wanted leave partly because Amy Jo left and that Jason David Frank wanted to leave during Zeo but they convinced him to stay longer. He did seem to be absent more through the second part of Zeo and the beginnig of Turbo.
  13. BLSspink

    Shunned Ranger Couples

    I thought Tanya and Adam were more inteersting them Tommy and Kat.
  14. BLSspink

    Amy Jo Johnson

    heres a picture of Amy Jo Johnson from What about Brian
  15. BLSspink

    Behind The Scene

    MMPR Behind the Scenes Zeo/Turbo pictures