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  1. Westly32

    Good DVD Burning program

    ^ Not all dvd players can play Divx files...
  2. Westly32

    Heroes Discussion Thread

    WEST COAST VIEWERS ALERT.. If you're gonna record tonight's episode to watch over or watch something else (but why would you do that?), you should set your dvrs to run over-NBC padded out the commercial time, sending it over by a minute...Needless to say, seeing my recorder stopping before it ended caused more than a few groans..and cuss words...:wallbash:
  3. Westly32

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    ^^Does that mean Mesogog will start wearing a catsuit? :stinker: :laugh:
  4. Westly32

    TV Asahi's Sunday lineup?

    Ahhh, another mystery solved. From the photo on it's wbpage, it looks like Pokeman crossed with Zoids Chaotic Century with dinosaurs... :laugh:
  5. Westly32

    TV Asahi's Sunday lineup?

    There are promotional spots at the end of recent Den-O and Gekiranger episodes for a contest on TV Asahi's Sun AM lineup. There's a still photo of their 4 shows, with of course Den-O and Gekiranger...the third looks like a Sailor Moon anime, but the fourth is something I don't recognize. There are 2 dinosaurs in it, and it doesn't appear to be an anime-more CGI-ish. Would anyone know the name of the fourth show in the network's lineup? :bb2:
  6. ^^ Pork cube stew! Nikiniki! I dare anyone to say that out loud in a crowd. :laugh:
  7. Westly32

    Episode 8: Both Sides Now... Episode Discussion

    Finally got around to seeing this one, and enjoyed the heck out of it. It was nice seeing an episode that was almost totally original..as in not relying on the sentai footage to tell the story. It was almost an afterthought really. LOL....Man Law...
  8. Westly32

    Boukenger-Two Stupid Questions

    Ok then thanks, mystery solved...:happy: Cool, thank you both. I wanted to hold off watching till I figurd out which came first. Turns out it may not matter, as the B:TM file I d/led, which said it was dubbed wasn't, so it'll be B vs SS first after all. :bb2:
  9. Two Stupid Questions.. 1) Which came first, Boukenger The Movie, or Bou vs Super Sentai? I ask because the B vs SS is subbed, while B:TM isn't, but there are promos on the episodes I'm up to showing B:TM... :tomato: 2) Sometimes, there is a line of untranslated Japanese text appearing as each episode opens...would this be the name of the production company, or what? Obviously it not important to the story, but the mystery of what is means is well...very mysterious. :bb2: Like I said...stupid questions. :drag: :laugh:
  10. Westly32

    Iron Man "mark I" Armor

    Looks nice, just wish he weren't standing behind that gizmo, so we could get a better look at it.
  11. Westly32

    Xander Likes Chicken

    Copy the link and paste it in Real Player. If Real won't play it, open preferences, and set Real to play mov files or Quicktime.
  12. Westly32

    No New Oo Eps In The Next Tow Weeks?

    It's the same reason primetime shows aren't run straight thru-well, except for 24...the networks don't want to burn thru all the season's episodes at once. 2 weeks isn't bad, I wish CBS hadn't taken Jericho off for 3 months, it really hurt them just as it was gaining momentum. And Heroes has been off for over a month.
  13. Westly32

    Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger In Tv Ad?

    ...Long lost sister then. :notsure: Man, everytime I see that ad, I see her.
  14. There is a new ad for Subway fast food restauraunt, featuring a couple at a drive thru window ordering their food, but the orders mock the high calories of other ff chains... The woman after her boyfriend places his order asks/says something along the lines of..."can I have some thunder thighs, and a ba-donk-a-donk butt.." She sounds and looks very much like the actress who played LG Pink Ranger, right down to the rectangual wire rim glasses...Has anybody seen this ad, and knows whether it's her or not? It's been driving me bonkers wondering... :annoyed: Edit-Here it is, found it at youtube. Is that her or not? :dancing:
  15. Westly32

    Operation Overdrive - Episode 7: At All Costs

    LOL @ Will's, Hey I need my beauty sleep..Look at me, it works. :laughing2: