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  1. Sentairanger112

    Most Embarrassing Thing You have Ever Done

    Well I done so many embarassing moments, but one of them was when I was 8 I ate food off the ground. Hey, I was young and stupid.
  2. Sentairanger112

    Power Ranger SPD cosplay

    That's pretty cool, I like it in the dark.
  3. Sentairanger112

    food remembered

    Fruit Loops Cheeriohs Fruit / Chocolate pebbles Fruit roll-ups Pizza pops
  4. Sentairanger112

    Children aghast as pelican swallows pigeon whole

    Wow, animals really hate each other do they?
  5. Sentairanger112

    Hey everyone, just joined

    Hello and welcome.
  6. Sentairanger112

    Sam Raimi Confirms Spidey 4, 5 and 6!

    Wow I wonder if Tobey Maguire will still willing be Spider Man, seeing that he has his work cut out for him?
  7. Sentairanger112

    The Garo Discussion Thread

    I must admit it was a great and satisfying ending, but what amazed me the most that even though Kaoru was being possessed by Meshia, she almost easily kicked Kouga's ass. Don't get me wrong, Kouga is bad ass no doubt, but I didn't want to see Kaoru being a weakling most of the time.
  8. Sentairanger112

    Whatcha Listening To?

    System of a Down - BYOB
  9. Sentairanger112

    Is April a cursed month?

    uuugh, I didn't realize that I made that mistake lol. I meant "I personally don't consider April a curse MONTH".
  10. Sentairanger112

    MK3 In 2010 ???

    WHAT?!!? are you serious?
  11. Sentairanger112

    Is April a cursed month?

    I personally don't consider April a curse year; for me, it's just a strange coincidence that all these bad stuff happens during this month.
  12. Sentairanger112

    Deadly shooting at US university

    jzt451, sorry to hear about your friend. That shouldn't have happen, and I hope you can get through it.
  13. Sentairanger112

    Hello From Abrera

    Hello and welcome to PRE, hope you enjoy your stay.
  14. Sentairanger112

    Something not good happen to me today!

    What the hell? That's messed up; you didn't do anything or said anything, and he acted like all hostile. Man, this world is full of rude f--king people sometimes.
  15. Sentairanger112

    Post a pic of yourself

    Johnny Omega - Bad-ass extratornaire LOL. But really you look good, nice pics.