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  1. TFRanger03


    You arent missing much as far as major characters go... there was his sister Julie, BeeBee Bluff, Mr. Dink and some others... but those are most the majors.
  2. TFRanger03

    Where does Mystic Force Rank with you?

    I personally thought MF was lack luster until the ending... i mean sure they had some moments, but nothing that made me go OMG!!!!. personally i dont think MF would make my top five favorite PR season, nothing personal to the season, i just think that there were better realeased that had more than just a great ending. 1. Power Rangers in Space 2. Power Rangers Time Force 3. Power Rangers Zeo 4. Power Rangers Dino Thunder 5. Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  3. TFRanger03

    rangers love stories

    I am going to have to remind everyone here... disney... i mean i dont even think that they allow ppl to kiss in disney. Though i agree i miss the couple moments that we used to have with Tommy/Kim, Andros/Ashley... now those were some couple moments.
  4. TFRanger03

    Any one gonna camp out for the PS3 or Wii?

    I got a call this morning around 7:30am from my friend who is camping to get a PS3; he called cuz he was cold and wet. I think if anyone is crazy/dedicated enough to wait in the freezing cold... they deserve it.
  5. TFRanger03

    Interview with TFRanger03

    Well basically it is about a ranger that enters the world of the dino thunder rangers but he doesnt come alone... an old enemy follows him to this world.
  6. I would have wanted: 1. SPD/MF/DT crossover (given the time of the show) 2. An episode to develop nick and madison's interest in eachother 3. Tobey maybe getting a mystic power
  7. TFRanger03

    Interview with TFRanger03

    One of my favortie PR sites hands down... the staff is good, unbiased and fair to all of its members.
  8. TFRanger03

    Mystic Father?

    i as well find that thought very funny... gonna have to give it a lol
  9. Now i wouldnt ruin your toy reguardless but Leanbow does have a morpher as the wold warrior, and does have a morphing call that was from the episode "The Return"... just wanted to point that out.
  10. TFRanger03

    Interview with TFRanger03

    Yeah i do... particuarly ones where you are competing (sx:FFotM), i think it gives people motivation to do there best.
  11. TFRanger03

    Interview with TFRanger03

    I am not sure i know what you mean exactly... i mean if we are talking about competion then rangertalk.com and rangerboard.com are the two that come to mind. But outside of that, the usual downfalls of any board are bad mods and out of control members; neither of which is something that i have found at PRE.
  12. TFRanger03

    Interview with TFRanger03

    The story of the black knight and the ranger team that he was origanally a part of was something that me and my cousin loosely developed when we were younger as a comic book series. However over time i took the idea and expanded on it, alot. The Black Knight Chronicles are actually a trilogy that is part of a universe that i have created. Yes that is a confirmation by me that as long as the readers want it, there will be a second and a third book in the Black Knight Chronicles. Now as far as the name; the black knight. I would like to tell you that there is some huge meaning behind it, that the name is a showing of how a knight was a protector of the people but adding black showed the internal and external brooding within our character, but really... i just thought the name sounded cool.
  13. TFRanger03

    Interview with TFRanger03

    i get that question quite a bit... i used dino thunder cuz i thought it had the most untapped potential to add in the elements that Black Knight Chronicles is going for.
  14. Seeing as how we will never get our all out ranger reunion this is the second best thing... i hope it happens.
  15. TFRanger03

    Maskman photo request

    ok more specificly anyone know or have a collection of quester gai