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  1. Anza Power

    Hi Guys

    Wellcome Back.
  2. Anza Power

    MMPR at Anime Boston

    The first Green ranger which is on the left at the last pic stinks, The one on the right is a kick a** though. I don't remember Kim being like that in that episode.
  3. Anza Power

    Power Ranger SPD cosplay

    Oh, So that is what the word "cosplay" Means.....*Writes down cosplay in the dictionary* The Battelizer is so Awesome in night, If I got one I wold wear it and walk around town at night showing it to everyone, I MUST HAVE ONE. Where's Kat when you need her?
  4. Anza Power

    New Order of the Pheonix Trailer

    The actors look really really old, They should replace the actors for the next one (If there will be a next one)
  5. Anza Power


    You should be good to go right now.
  6. Anza Power

    Operation Overdrive 9 now on Jetix.tv

    Is it the full ep in HQ? Or is it just clips like they did last time?
  7. Anza Power

    Recently went to the mall and.......

    is it Subbed/Dubbed?
  8. Anza Power

    PR Bloopers

    What's wrong with it?
  9. Anza Power

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    LMFAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  10. Anza Power

    Person Above you

    Thinks I don't like Ryuki, I don't know it.
  11. Anza Power

    Ban the person Above

    Banned for mentioning the catchphrase of Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form
  12. Anza Power

    Most Embarrassing Thing You have Ever Done

    Well............In 7th grade me and 3 of my friends wanted to break out of school during recess and go and pick up charys (Charys always tast better when you go on an adventure to get them.lol) anyways we picked up some but not alot, I was at the back of the line, I kept bugging them about "Let's go back.....Let's not get in trouble" and such, They didn't listen to me, after a few steps they all screamed and ran away, A big black dog has chased them, they all jumped off the fence, I jumped after them but.......I ripped my pants.....Then the bell rang, I had to go back, Then I kept yelling at my friends for not listening to me, I tied my Jacket around my back and continued the class.........Ouch. And another one was when I was about to yell at one of my friends, I saw his username and it was online(He had a part from a poem in his MSN nickname) I started yelling at him and he kept asking me what are you talking about? I kept telling him Don't play stupid with me............I don't know how it happened but I looked up at his email address and it turned out to be A girl in my class....Ouch x2.............But I explained to her everything, It only took my tow hours.>.<
  13. Anza Power

    Charley Chaplin.......

    I was bored yesterday and I thought I wold download a Charley Chaplin Movie, I went for "City Lights" cause I remember once seeing a clip where he goes boxing, I never laughed that hard before:laugh: It was Hilarius, And when I downloaded the movie I uploaded the clip for a friend of mine so I thaught I'd share it with you guy's too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot1-O7nEvmk So what do you think of Charley, IMO he's the Greatest Comedy Actor EVER, Then after a few years came "Inspector Clouseau", A few Years later came the one we all know and love "Mr.Bean". So anyways are there any Ch Ch fans out there?
  14. Anza Power

    download question

    30 Posts I think, And please, Don't spam the site, Be a good member like all of us.
  15. Anza Power

    Good DVD Burning program

    I use the Divx Player, But it only burns Avi and Divx files, If you wanna burn DVD (Vob) files you might wanna check out Nero.