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  1. "I got it." Caleb exhaled through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare outward. He didn't like this idea any more than Braxton did. Then again, it didn't matter. They had no choice at this point. Getting Lindy back was the only thing that was important to them all. It was the only time that these two would share any common interest. Sacrifices were needed to be made. He blinked his eyes a few times before shifting them to meet Braxton's. A sharp pain shot through his forehead. Caleb had to fight the urge to wince or blink. He fought the urge to show any kind of weakness. Charlie smiled at Elena, giving her a small wave to follow her. "C'mon," She said, nodding her head towards Kat and Bridge. "They're going to show us the way to the safe house. Since you're here to protect us, I guess that means you have to come along." Bridge watched intensely as Caleb and Braxton. "Do we have to leave right this second?" He mused. "I kind of want to see this and how it works."
  2. Kyle's brow furrowed. He was the power? How was that even possible? This guy was becoming more and more strange with each passing second. His worry was growing more and more with each passing second. He shuddered slightly at the sound of the thunder rumbling outside. The rain was pelting hard against the window. Kyle felt the hairs on the back of his neck standing on edge. "What do you mean?" He finally brought himself to ask. "This guy is a manifestation of the Morphing Grid or something? What does that even mean?" --- Nakia bowed her head, her smile curling at the corner of her lips. With her head still bowed, she slowly rose to her feet. "Thank you, my empress." She lifted her head, being careful not to make direct eye contact with the woman standing before her. They are not equal, Nakia knew that. Rita, even having just returned to this world, was the most powerful sorceress she had ever learned of. She was humbled to be accepted as her faithful servant. Nakia knew that from this moment forward, she would spend the rest of her days learning from her.
  3. Sam sucked in air through his teeth. He wanted so desperately to say something to her. Continue to tell her how wrong this was. That all changed when he saw her wipe away the tear. Ava had always been so sweet and so kind. It was something he had always admired about her; something that reminded him of his mother. He wasn't going to push this any further. At least not for the time being. They'd have to revisit this later. "I'll keep your secret," He said. "For now. But now you've got to do something for me. You've got to come sit in on this meeting with my father. I can only imagine what it is he wants." --- Liv smirked. Her arms crossed slyly over her chest. "Maybe," She said with a tiny shrug. "But then where would the fun in that be?" She scoffed. Her eyes rolled back so hard that she was worried for a moment they'd fall back in her skull. She surpassed the urge to snicker some more. "Right then," Liv sighed. She dropped her arms down to the side, her eyes locking with Del's. She stared at her puzzled for a moment. "Right then. What's crawled up your arse over there?"
  4. Nice to meet you, Skye! Glad to have another writer and RPer in the midst! Name's Andrew! Welcome aboard
  5. I have to say, it wasn't at all what I was expecting, given the way the Nickelodeon era has been run thus far. This one seems like an interesting story so far and I'm curious to see where Hasbro is taking the franchise now. One of the things that I really enjoyed was the subtle nods to previous seasons. The mention of Rita Repulsa was a nice nod to the original series as we enter into a new era. Also, the subtle nods to other seasons was nice too. As it is only episode one, I can't say whether or not I'm going to be inclined to continue watching episodes. I will, however, definitely be checking out the second episode! My interest has been peaked so far!
  6. Caleb's upper lip curled slightly. He tried his best to hide his disdain for this idea. He didn't like the idea of Braxton getting in his head; he knew, however, he had no other choice. "Do it," He said simply. Bridge bobbed his head slightly. He drew himself back, watching as this new plan was beginning to form up. He turned to Kat. "Dr. Manx," He said. "I think it might be time for us to get a move on it. We'll bring her with us," He nodded to Elena. "She can help us. But we need to get to the safe house as soon as possible. Being out here in the open like this, well, we're" Charlie groaned and rolled her eyes. Bridge's offbeat brand of chatter was going to take some time to get used to. Even in this time of giant crisis, he still managed to try and find some kind of humor in situations. It made her feel uncomfortable almost. She found her way over to Elena. Her head tilted to the side slightly, her eyes locking with the pale eyes of the smaller wolf. Everything around her was growing more and more crazy. She didn't understand most of it anymore. She took in a deep breath through her nose and tried to force a smile. "Hi."
  7. "Trista..." Kyle stepped towards her, his hand reaching out, stopping half way up. The light caught his eyes. He had to bring his arm upward to shield his eyes from the brightness. He had no idea that she had kept them here for this long. As the light intensified, Kyle felt something inside of him. Something that he hadn't felt in quite some time. "What the hell..." --- Nakia drew in a deep breath. She lowered herself to one knee, bowing her head to the woman coming towards her. "My queen." She slowly rose to her feet. She made sure to keep her distance, wanting to be sure to keep her eyes from making direct contact. She had waited a long time for this. The time had finally come. "Empress," She spoke slowly. "I want the same thing as you. I want to watch this world burn."
  8. Sam exhaled through his nose. "Just tell me," He said simply. "Tell me what made you think that this was a good idea? Ava, he might look all cute and cuddly now, but do you honestly think that this is okay?" He licked his lips and sighed. "How did you come across him anyway?" --- Liv scoffed and rolled her eyes. She continued trying her best to hide her smirk. "What then? Cat got your tongue?" She pushed his fingers through her hair, fluffing out her curls. Her arms came over her chest, squeezing tightly around herself. She pursed her lips tightly together. She held the cold stare for as long as she could. Her eyes met with Del's. Her mouth twitched slightly. Her lips began to curl into a smirk, unable to hold it together any longer. From her lips, a roar of laughter erupted. "Oye then, mate," She said between laughs. "You should see the bloody look on your face."
  9. Caleb's knuckles cracked as he tightened his fists. "I don't think so." To say that he didn't get along with Lindy's family would be an understatement. The didn't trust him. It was something he knew all too well. But he didn't necessarily trust them himself. Especially not when it came to anything to do with her. They might not have been together any longer, but that meant nothing to him in this moment. She needed to come back. And soon. "I'm coming with you," He said, his eyes shifting upward to meet with Braxton's. "S.P.D is her home, even if it's destroyed. Maybe me coming will be the reminder that she needs about that." "But your powers," Bridge said. "What if you guys run into some more trouble. You won't be able to morph. And without morphing, you won't be able to fight the demons with your weapons. And without your weapons, in your current state..." "I'll be fine," Caleb cut him off. "I'll be able to heal myself from pretty much anything. I'll make it through. I might not be at full strength just yet, but it'll have to do. She needs to come back here. Back home."
  10. Sam bit down on the inside of his cheek. He fought hard to keep his mouth shut. He desperately wanted to hit her back with a similarly snarky response, but he fought against it. Instead, he simply scoffed and laughed. He threw his hands up in the air as a way of surrender. "Fine," He said simply. He took his place on the rock opposite her. "Enlighten me. I'm sure the Commander will just love hearing this whole thing later when we get back." --- Liv sucked in air through her teeth. Was this really the game she was trying to play? "Oye!" She called out in a harsh whisper towards her. "That really the game you're planning on playing here, mate?"She licked her lips and shook her head. "Fine then. I guess we've both got some other things that we can both go and take care of." She lazily through her hand up in the air as she turned her back to her. One, two, three... She counted to herself. It was only a matter of time before she stopped her.
  11. Caleb licked his lips and sighed. "The last twenty four hours?" He cocked a brow. He used his arm to gesture to the piles of rubble around them. "Look around. Our home was destroyed. Demons arrived and wasted the base. Our entire home has been destroyed," He paused for a single moment. He exhaled a heavy breath. "We found Kassie in the wreckage. She didn't make it. Add in the fact that we got attacked inside the base looking for some more survivors, only to then find out that Jason, our supposed teammate, is actually one of them and has been lying to us for all this time. And we only found that out he was trying to kill Ares and then ran off with one his demon lackies. Oh, and then you showed up to try and bring her back from going full wolf. Am I missing anything?" "Don't forget that your ranger powers are currently inactive," Bridge raised a finger as he chimed in. As he was met with looks from both Charlie and Caleb, he shrugged his shoulders. "What? He asked for anything he was missing. Thought I'd help." "Right," Caleb rolled his eyes. "Our ranger powers are inactive. I think that's it then."
  12. Few things in this world truly terrified Caleb. The wolf pack, however, was one of them. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end upon the black wolf's arrival. He knew all too well who that was. He cracked his neck and forced his face to shift to a stone cold expression. "What's he saying?" Caleb looked to Ares. Bridge's eyes widened at the arrival of the wolf. His gaze continued shifting from the wolf to Caleb and back. "This is going to be interesting, isn't it? I'm sensing some tension here." Charlie blinked her eyes. She couldn't believe Bridge. Even amongst this wreckage, this destruction and this betrayal, he still was able to act the way he did. "Is he for real?" She managed to blurt out. "Is he always like this?"
  13. "I'm fine standing." Sam tried to cover his friendship now with his ranking. Now he stood before her as her commanding officer. "Ava," He paused for a moment, taking in a slow breath through his nose. His arms crossed firmly over his chest. He didn't want to do this. But then again, he thought he could have some fun with it. "Cadet Montgomery. You've got a lot of explaining to do." --- Liv smiled to herself. She knew Del well enough that she knew she would follow her. Knew her enough that this little show of anger would make her think. Not that Liv wasn't angry with her, just not as much as she was actually letting on. No reason to not have a little bit of fun along the way. She turned a corner, ducking into an alleyway between a set of buildings. Liv pressed her back to the wall, resting one foot up against the bricks. She clicked her tongue and waited.
  14. "Where did she go?" Charlie asked, her voice trembling slightly. "Why would she leave? Doesn't it make more sense for us to stick together?" Bridge bobbed his head. "We'll figure out where she went. But right now, Ares needs to be brought inside. We need to tend to his wounds. Come on." He nodded to Caleb to help Ares, not realizing the red ranger was lost in his own thoughts. Instead, Bridge made his way towards Kat. He placed his hand over her shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze. "You okay, Dr. Manx?" He said. "I know it sucks that Jason betrayed us. But the good news is, at least we caught it now. Although I guess we didn't actually catch it, he showed us himself. But still, we know now and we can plan our next move. Right?" Caleb had lost himself in his own thoughts. He stared out into the sky, his hand covering his mouth. He felt his blood boiling with anger over Jason's betrayal. But he knew how much worse she was taking it. He wanted to stop her. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. She needed this time. Especially now. He couldn't be there for her; not the way she needed him to be. It was still too much for him. But he knew that meant she was going home. Going back to them. "I know where she went."
  15. Sam's eyes widened at what she held in her hands. "Ava..." He stood speechless for a moment. The tiny creature sat quietly for a moment. It's curved fangs were small, but still protruded from it's mouth. The body covered in tan fur. The eyes were peaceful. "You can't be serious. You have a..." He couldn't even bring himself to say the words. "Where exactly did you find this?" He said, pointing at the sabertooth kitten. "And more importantly, are we sure that it's mother isn't looking for it?" --- Liv rolled her eyes. She hated the formality of their relationship out in the open. Her arms were firmly crossed over her chest as she looked at her. Her head casually cocked to it's side. "Nothing," She said. "I'm sorry to interrupt you, Lieutenant. At least sorry to interrupt you here." She inhaled sharply through her nose and walked passed her. Her right shoulder collided with Del's as she brushed by.