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  1. Smokin Ranger

    Hurricane Florence

    Not sure how many are in the region. But I am!!!!!! First pic is my location the second is this bitch headed towards us
  2. Smokin Ranger

    Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    All with you in everything. Not a good look for 500+ days and the strap never seen.
  3. Smokin Ranger

    How to feel old

    Yes you must have Rocky V confused with IV!!!! Rocky V blows donkey dick.
  4. Smokin Ranger

    Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    Vince got to much of a boner for Reigns...new Cena. This past Monday gives me hope. Always been a drew fan and since his nxt run. Dude is just beast. sadly though I'm pretty sure they(ziggler) will just be fed to boost Roman.
  5. Smokin Ranger

    How to feel old

    Oh yea. I would imagine if I got in my parents storage room. The goodies I would find in there!
  6. Smokin Ranger


    Battlefield V, Fallout 76 and elder scrolls 6(at some point). Was super hyped for Spider-Man....till including dlc etc I'm paying close to $100 for the game. Yeah I will wait for that goty edition for 40 bucks in 2 years!
  7. Smokin Ranger

    Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    WWE needs to quit with all the Roman "cena" push. We the fans want Seth Rollins....at least we have njpw, roh and nxt to some degree
  8. Smokin Ranger

    How to feel old

    See that han shot first VHS set? Oh yeah
  9. Smokin Ranger

    Introduce yourself!

    Where DHA at?
  10. Smokin Ranger

    Introduce yourself!

    Don't matter. I can use this one...many travels and unknown lands I have traveled. hope everyone has had blessed lives since 05!
  11. Smokin Ranger

    Introduce yourself!

    I have returned like so many others!! Damn some familiar faces round here!
  12. Smokin Ranger

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday to Balthazar.....I know thee shall be drunketh like no other. I don't really know the others but Happy Birthday to you all to.
  13. Smokin Ranger

    10,000 member contest winners

    Yes we finally got around to it. Sorry for the delay(blame Mesogog:laugh:). But on a serious note the dude got so busy, he forgot about this. But here are your Winner and Runner-Up for the contest. jzt451 is the winner Krisalena is the runner up
  14. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    I think all of Femme's photos were removed by her. If you need any confirmation on her.......ask balthazar, mesogog or any male member who has been here since 05.
  15. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    Femme Fatale is so hot.....she puts alot of the girls from the actual Power Ranger and Sentai shows to shame.