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  1. Smokin Ranger

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday to Balthazar.....I know thee shall be drunketh like no other. I don't really know the others but Happy Birthday to you all to.
  2. Smokin Ranger

    10,000 member contest winners

    Yes we finally got around to it. Sorry for the delay(blame Mesogog:laugh:). But on a serious note the dude got so busy, he forgot about this. But here are your Winner and Runner-Up for the contest. jzt451 is the winner Krisalena is the runner up
  3. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    I think all of Femme's photos were removed by her. If you need any confirmation on her.......ask balthazar, mesogog or any male member who has been here since 05.
  4. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    Femme Fatale is so hot.....she puts alot of the girls from the actual Power Ranger and Sentai shows to shame.
  5. Smokin Ranger

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    Saw the finale yesterday....my post on it matches your thoughts.
  6. I just started it......already 8 completed downloads on it. Shouldn't take it to long now to finish.
  7. Smokin Ranger


    Tigermon....why do you always re-announce your return? If you would just sit back, post and not re-announce that you have returned. It's likely we wouldn't notice who you are. By doing this over and over, it's like you are just asking to be banned for the 20th time.
  8. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    YOu can get Aba only in HK subs. But from your previous posts I think your like me. YOu don't mind the HK subs, just so you can see words.
  9. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    I dont think Mexican Mech shows up till like 7-15.....It took him some episodes to show up. Abarekiller shows up in 18, with you first see him in the last minute of 17.
  10. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    You know I never thought about it.....It could be one of these things. 1. All the mechs if I remember correct(it's been about a year and a few months since I watched it). All speak in different "world" speak. The Tyranno sounds like a huge Sumo Wrestler, for example. 2. When they were separated from Dino Earth.....He ended up in Mexico so he could've picked up the native tongue.(this is not really spoiler cuz the dino earth split happens in the 1st episode) 3. He was there for comedic relief.
  11. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    This is said Mexican talking mech [ATTACH]599[/ATTACH]
  12. Smokin Ranger

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    You can look at their colors and sorta see said Insect resembled to.
  13. Smokin Ranger

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    Faiz-Firefly motif Kaxia-Hornet Delta-Atlas Beetle Those seem like bugs to me.
  14. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    Gao was decent to......but neither were a Aba or Magi. I'm telling you Aba is the shiznit. After you watch Aba and you liked DT. You will be like what the frig was DT. You will realize how improper Trent was used and what Trent could have become. And plus you get a Mexican talking Mech. How awesome is that.
  15. Smokin Ranger

    The Elite Are Present

    Timeranger was a decent watch. Gao and Time are both here at PRE.