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  1. allie351

    New Order of the Pheonix Trailer

    That looks so freaking awesome! Now OOtP wasn't one of my favorite books but the movie looks so good I might just change my mind. I'm glad to see they'll be showing the DA meetings and showing the twins flying out on their brooms, if anything those were two of my favorite scenes in that entire book. I just don't want to see Sirius die though:( And Emma, Dan and Rupert have all signed on for the last two movies.
  2. allie351

    PR Bloopers

    It wasn't in a scene where Conner's name was spelled wrong. If you go back and rewatch the episode History, then wait until the ending credits where the guest stars are, you'll see that they have Conner's name spelled as ConnOr instead of Er. I never noticed that until that strength in numbers marathon the other night.
  3. allie351

    Strength in numbers marathon on jetix...

    I watched it because I was at my grandparents and there was nothing better on to watch while my mom was doing laundry. Though I was a little disappointed too because I really liked the Thunderstorm episodes, it was one of my favorites in Dino Thunder and I was hoping they'd show the second one but they didn't.
  4. allie351


    Exactly, Pink! I have a friend actually who has been trying to get me to go to Youmacon this year and I'm seriously thinking about it, it'd only be a three-hour drive for me and would be cheaper on gas than going to Cali would. I'll have to check out the site again and check out the guest list for that.
  5. allie351

    Do You Watch Pr Much Anymore?

    I said yes, because I just started an RPG based on all the seasons up to Overdrive and I've been furiously downloading and watching episodes on my computer for 'research' so to speak for the rpg. But also, I usually watch it from 11-midnight on Jetix. I liked every series from MMPR to DT, I hated SPD (though not all of the episodes were bad and some of the rangers were cool, I think it was Jack I hated mostly) and Mystic Force was okay but I wasn't crazy about it (like SPD they had some cool episodes and I loved Daggeron and Xander, so they made it worth it) So I said yes, I still watch it rather frequently and I've been working on building up my video/action figure collection as I go along in the series:)
  6. allie351

    PR Bloopers

    Might not be a blooper but I was watching the Strength in Numbers marathon yesterday and on the episode History (which is the SPD teamup with Dino Thunder) When the Dino rangers end up joining the SPD team for the battle, the Dino Thunder theme is playing in the background instead of the SPD theme. I'm not sure if it was meant to be that way or not, though. Also not a blooper but a correction for the same episode; Conner's name was spelled wrong, it was spelled with an O instead of an E. I'll have to watch more episodes for bloopers.
  7. allie351


    Disaace, that makes me mad too cuz I was going with some friends this year but things came up and we can't go and I was planning on going next year but they won't be doing it next year. Which sucks royally.
  8. allie351

    Power Morphicon Registration Prices

    I'm not able to, unfortunately. My friends and I were planning on going but then my friend started school so we're unable to go. As for whether it's happening next year, the Morphicon website says no, that it is only a one-year thing, which is too bad. I'd like to see another happen, one that I would actually be able to attend. But have fun to those that do go and if you can, take lots of pictures for those of us that couldn't go and post them up here:)
  9. allie351

    Name change for The Others?

    lol, Men in Spandex is just hilarious.....
  10. allie351

    Episode 8: Both Sides Now... Episode Discussion

    Hey, I'll admit that I totally bought the whole evil Will thing until I started thinking hey, he was in Turkey with the rest of the rangers and two minutes later he's being fired as a ranger. Though Evil Will was really cool and this episode actually made me like Will for a change, in the other episodes I didn't care for him. I gave it a ten.
  11. allie351

    Ranger War Talk

    Yeah, I was wondering what happened to ranger wars too, it's been offline since like, tuesday.
  12. allie351

    New Rpg Group!

    Cool, thanks! I'll look for you!
  13. allie351

    New Rpg Group!

    Hey! I have just created a new Power Rangers RPG group on yahoo groups that currently has three members (and maybe two more) that I am recruiting for. The link is as follows: http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/PowerRangersLegendForce/ Basically, the concept of Legend Force is to involve teams from the last fourteen seasons and bring them together with the Overdrive team for the final battle of good vs evil. Check it out and feel free to join. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have!
  14. allie351

    Operation Overdrive - Episode 7: At All Costs

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who got the impression of the Silver Guardians then. When I saw that unmarked van and those two guys the first thing that crossed my mind was, they're bringing in the silver guardians. Which they probably will before too long if this season keeps leading up to what it is, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Eric or Wes or even both make at least one more appearance in the series. Yeah, the roll call got on my nerves too. The one thing that bugged me about Wild Force was the whole the roll call thing then feeling the need to say "Poswer Rangers Wild Force" every single episode, Overdrive's done it in the last two or three episodes now and it really starts to turn me off after awhile.
  15. allie351

    Operation Overdrive - Episode 7: At All Costs

    No offense taken:) Thanks again for the clarification:)