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  1. Ogyrus

    Post a pic of yourself

    here is me. what do you think? [ATTACH]597[/ATTACH]
  2. Ogyrus

    food remembered

    that's blaspemy mystic! lol! raisins and spice and cinnamon and spice oatmeal are the best. there is also this french vinilla oatmeal as well, try them. you won't regret it.
  3. Ogyrus

    food remembered

    i think they should bring back power rangers oatmeal, now that was good stuff. and what is undercover bears nos?
  4. Ogyrus

    food remembered

    there was also dunkaroos as well, mess those, and don't forget tiny toon adventures cereal lol!
  5. Ogyrus

    food remembered

    hi everyone. what is the food you remember growing up? for me, it has to be apple cinnamon rice krispies they made back in the early ninties. that stuff was good. and then there were the ninja turtles pies. what about you, any foods remembered?
  6. Ogyrus


    hello everyone. is anyone from the forum going to Otakon? it will be held in Baltimore MD on July 20th and it is an anime convention. if so i'll be looking forward to meeting you there.
  7. Ogyrus

    Date a Ranger?

    well i've decided. i'll have to go with BoukenYellow. she's cute and funny.
  8. Ogyrus

    Something not good happen to me today!

    police these days are getting more and more power hungry, causing more problems then they solve. no he had no right to take them from you cuz they were foreign DVDs, which you can get at a local or major comic book store. go down to the police station with any realitives if need be and file a complaint and make sure he is punished for what he did.
  9. Ogyrus

    Ban the person Above

    Banned for banning me for rare apperances and Suzaku is banned because i don't know who ryutaro is.
  10. Ogyrus

    Ban the person Above

    banned for having a white ranger avi and already banned for that, banned for having your post the four thousand eight hundred nintieth.
  11. Ogyrus

    Deadly shooting at US university

    its a shame to how much violence we have in the world. if your going to kill other for reasons other then self defense, you don't deserve to live. if thats too harsh of me i'm sorry, anyways my prayers and condolences go to the families who lost their loved ones.
  12. Ogyrus

    How Long Have You Been A Member?

    i'm not trying to get off topic mystic, smokin mention something about zephy letting the male staff members view and i merely wanted to know what it was.
  13. Ogyrus

    How Long Have You Been A Member?

    nearly a year now, and what's a podcast?
  14. Ogyrus

    Are You Anti-fandom But Still Troll Pr Websites/forums?

    suiting down? does that mean PRE will be getting a new skin or something lol?
  15. Ogyrus

    Are You Anti-fandom But Still Troll Pr Websites/forums?

    PK is a she? i guess that means she needs to get laid in order to take her mind off you Mes, and PRE for that matter. If she isn't a she, well...the same goes for what i just said. anyways anyone doing whatever they did for 3 years straight must not live a very good life. its so stupid that its funny. BTW, i remember you having a hall of shame here awhile back, ever going to post it back up or no? and who is edmund if you don't mind?