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  1. FallenCrane87

    What are the voices in your head saying?

    "There's something i have to do but it ...ah now that's it...finish the puzzle".
  2. FallenCrane87

    Whatcha Listening To?

    3 doors down " The Real Life".
  3. FallenCrane87

    Super Powers

    The power of air...being able to control the wind and just the wind. For those hot days or when they're so much dirt or leaves on the sidewalk.
  4. FallenCrane87


    I just don't really can't see tommy with kira due to he's the teacher and eh...no offense. I'd actually really think that conner and kira had a chance because well opposites attract. I always kind of thought that kira and trent might be too compatible . yet thats just me.
  5. FallenCrane87

    What do you want for Christmas???

    Hm...Christmas...this is probrably going to be my last christmas at home with my family. I'm attending community college for the term 2006-2007. For the term 2007-2010 I've been accepted into a major university in another state. Being a new student and new responsiblites that come from moving away will probrably wipe me out finacially. So what i want for christmas this year is to be with my family one last time,enjoy my time with them. Sing christmas carols, drink eggnog, and remember them. My biggest christmas wish though is to be reunited with estranged cousins...we drifted during our teens years and i only hope we can make things right before we all go our own ways.
  6. FallenCrane87

    what do you drive?

    When I first started driving i drove a 1998 Ford Red Truck ....but eh after awhile that went kaput on me. So i then took to walking everywhere. For my 19 birthday my parents and i purchased together a 2001 maxiuma. It's gold in color but it's runs better.
  7. FallenCrane87


    Return the money to who in today's society? Some people still have honest souls but others are deceptive and would keep the money once you turned it in. Not many people are trustworthy ...i'd keep the money; donating it to the nearest children's hospital or animal's shelter. It would be the only way i'd be able to sleep at night.
  8. FallenCrane87

    female rangers

    Female rangers? hmm I'd prefer the ways of kimberly and trini back in the days of mighty morphing power rangers. They we're just the ideal girls but since times are changing i like jen from time force,who took command, so i'd say Vida as well. Madison was just too shy imo.
  9. FallenCrane87

    Anybody traveling far during the Holidays???

    I'm actually staying home with my family but my family is coming into town to visit us. I hope everyone's holiday is safe and everyone has a great time. Happy holidays.
  10. FallenCrane87

    Age Range

    I just turned 19 in october on the 23. i think i watched pr when i was about six or five. can't really recall.
  11. FallenCrane87

    Rate the Avatar and Banner Above You

    Avi= 10 Banner=10 I loved the angel/buffy coupleship.