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  1. amandinebahro

    Bring back a team?

    i totally agree. i would want to see time force come back. i want to see it continue with the silver guardians. and to show wes and jens relationship to continue and get deeper.
  2. really cool. i would totally want to watch this team up!
  3. amandinebahro

    What Is Your Pick On The Handheld Morphers?

    idk! i would personally like to have a morpher on a wrist other that as a phone. i already have a cell phone i dont need another one. sooo i dont like the hand held morphers.
  4. amandinebahro

    Which Ranger Was Hottest

    this is hard!!!!! idk! but if its a guy Wes is the hottest. for a girl its a tie between Jen and Kira for me.
  5. i agree they should stop using sentai footage it just looks sooo different than usual.
  6. amandinebahro

    Forever Red In Operation Overdrive

    there are a lot of rumors going around and we all wont know untill they air them so until then it is a suspense for me eventhough i am an impacient person sometimes. but to answer the question that would be cool if there was another Forever Red ep.
  7. amandinebahro

    Who Is Your Favoite Pink Ranger

    Jen is my top pick. she is awsome. i've got other favorites but Jen is my #1!
  8. amandinebahro

    Incredible But Fake Pr Movie Trailer

    that looks AWSOME!!!!
  9. amandinebahro

    Prlg Or Prtf

    i thinks it says LG on the top not LR. this was a tuffy b/c i loved both of these seasons but i got to give my vote to time force.
  10. amandinebahro

    How Do You Watch Pr?

    since abc kids always cuts off when i try to watch an ep in the morning i usually download them then watch them. all the downloads i get, i give props to RSW. u rock man!
  11. amandinebahro

    *spoilers*mercury Ranger (unmorphed) Pic!*spoilers*

    he does not look good in pics but hopefully good on vid.
  12. amandinebahro

    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

    for now i like it. its not like the seasons before it but its at an above average for me.
  13. amandinebahro

    Which Black Ranger Was The Best?

    hard choice for me. it was a tie between zack and adam.
  14. amandinebahro

    Japan Spandex Vs. American Spandex

    i can always tell em apart when they use sentai footage. sentai rangers are much skinnier and their costumes r shiny and power rangers suits are total opposite of them.
  15. amandinebahro

    How Long Do You Think It Will Last?

    i say 3-5 more years but i really dont want it to actually end. pr is like the only thing i like to do on my own and if it ends i got nothing but the real world.