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  1. RB's activity has only dropped among users who were posting purely to call attention to themselves. Actual conversations have only improved as a result. And Power Rangers pictures are SCARCE. Only the Viewing Globe website ever had anything other than the same standard morph sequence and roll call screenshots that turn up on a Google Image Search. The question is what you actually want to do, because that and what will gain traction might be completely different things. But there is always a need to be addressed if you spend enough time immersed in the culture.
  2. Ready to rock!

  3. I think you've had a fun ride, but the public is telling you what they want. PRE's time has past. When you really think about it, there's no need for multiple websites that perform the same function. To appeal to the public, you have to provide a need that isn't being fulfilled. Focus on what Power Rangers fans need.
  4. Happy New Year, everyone. 2007 should be the best year ever, so enjoy every minute of it! I know I will.
  5. Thanks for the encodes this year, RedSavageWarrior. Here's to your Operation Overdrive encodes next year!
  6. So, may I ask why this is like, the fourth time you've had to switch webhosts/servers/what have you?
  7. Wow, didn't expect to see the new encode up so soon. Your hard work's appreciated, Red.
  8. That's what the encodes are for. Those of us less fortunate.
  9. Disney already announced back in March that a new Power Rangers season, with the working title of Drive Force which we've all heard of, would be debuting, so obviously the show isn't canceled. This is simply Disney being Disney, selling certain properties short.
  10. I wasn't expecting it to just be a grayscale Spidey suit, but watching it in motion will probably bring me around. I'm gonna say I dig it.