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  1. Tendou

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    Blade was my fave season for quite a bit, while I was waiting for TV-N to finish Kabuto. XD The ranking is always changing...
  2. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Huh. I haven't seen a picture of her in the Post Your Pics thread. O.O *keeps eye out* Zephy and Bria = teh hotness (in my mind)!!! XP
  3. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    I don't need anything at the moment. I was just wondering if you were at work. Well, I'm off to study. I've got 3 AP exams and 2 SAT Subject Tests this month, so I've gotta get cracking. Have fun, Elite!
  4. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Congrats on Banner Maker of the Month, Norm. I'm about to die, lol. Swim practice was killer... *collapses*
  5. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    ^...Philip!!! I don't really mind sharing my pictures or info on here. Most of my friends are dumb jock guys on my swim team who probably haven't seen Power Rangers in their life. >.> And the girls I hang out with...well, that's why I think Bria is super cool. ^_^ So yeah. XP
  6. Tendou

    Hold up in Houston Space Center

    LOL...life isn't all fun and games, people. Would it be any different if you lived sixty years ago, during WWII, or even fourty years ago, during the Cold War? I'd imagine that'd be worse...just because times can be rough sometimes, doesn't mean that the world's coming to and end.
  7. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Well, I'm almost a year older than you. And I didn't know teh peeps on PRE were that involved with each other. That's pretty cool...and lmao @ Illy burping. XP Hmm...that's also a good point. I always expect Zephy to be on a sugar high...Zephy, it is now required for you to post a pic. >.>
  8. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Happy early birthday, Bria. ^_^ And lol, if you do, I'm not afraid of posting my pictures. XP Well, what if I expect Zephy to be pretty...?
  9. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    lmao, wait till she gets back and sees like five pages about us wanting to see her picture. XP
  10. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Lol, you wanna see her that bad? O.o Run Bria!!! XP
  11. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    lol me too! ^_^ You @ work right now Steve?
  12. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Bria and Zephy should post their pics together. :P
  13. Tendou

    New Order of the Pheonix Trailer

    Why should they do that? O.o Also, I'm pretty sure there'll be seven movies...but I doubt (and I also don't they think should) replace the actors.
  14. Tendou

    The Elite Are Present

    Bria, I think you should post a pic. XP