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  1. JackLovesZ

    Do You Watch Pr Much Anymore?

    I watch Power Rangers often. I've loved every season. The only season I thought was so-so was Dino Thunder, but even then I didn't hate it. I wish Power Rangers was popular enough to justify a spinoff with a rotating cast of amalgam teams.
  2. JackLovesZ

    Episode 8: Both Sides Now... Episode Discussion

    Gave it a 10. Most enjoyable so far. Will is now officially my favorite ranger of OO. He seemed to be the only one who had the on-the-fly morph, which IMO seems more realistic (as realistic as you can get considering, I suppose), and I love how he used the fight with Kamdor to morph, too. All his fight scenes were good, and I especially loved how he was kicking game to Miratrix. Then come to find out he did it to get her back for what she did to Dax? Priceless. "Man law" indeed. As much as I'm enjoying Kamdor and Miratrix, though...Moltar and Flurious has to be aware of these two. Just wondering how they're going to segue all this together. But I'm sure it'll be good. Can't wait.
  3. JackLovesZ

    Operation Overdrive - Episode 7: At All Costs

    Gave it a ten. Loved it. Dax continues to appear high on something but he didn't annoy me as much as the last ep. Good spotlight ep for Ronnie. I also loved how Moltar is apparantly a hands on villain, unlike his brother who's apparantly a sit and watch and plan type of villain. He was out there mixing it up along with his new creation. I always appreciate that. Oh and loved the Mystic Force name drops. Even if we don't get a MF/OO teamup, its enough for me that this series at least acknowlege they exist.
  4. JackLovesZ

    Operation Overdrive - Episode 6: Pirate In Pink

    I gave it a 9. Not bad for Rose's first spotlight ep, but the pirate cliches and the ghost...eh. Kinda annoyed me. But I still liked it IN SPITE of those things. Rose came strong in the end when she took on Miratrix and that robot. I love solo Ranger fights. Miratrix...the actress is trying so hard, but her hand gestures seem to indicate she's nervous and its kinda distracting. Still give her points for trying. Dax...seriously the next spotlight ep on HIM should be about the effects of illegal drug use. Seriously, he HAS to be on SOMETHING. Maybe the coke he's snorting is really a monster planted by Flurious to destroy the Rangers from within? Maybe that's why Flurious is so laid back and letting Moltar do all the work. Eh, fanfic, but seriously, he either needs to fire his dealer or switch to decaff. He's starting to annoy me more than the Yeti. I'd really like to see what Kamdor can do once he's freed. He's already doing a lot from within that crystal. No Mack's dad in this ep? Weird. But oddly I didn't even notice until I started typing this. If Spencer was missing on the other hand I would have immediately noticed. He really adds a lot with his dry humor and facial expressions.
  5. I liked it well enough...it was interesting that the MOTW grew on its own...but Mack seriously annoyed me this ep. I'm trying not to be too hard on him since its his first spotlight ep (and I'm guessing each character gets at least three each if not two each), but wtf was up with him leaving his teammates down there to come home and whine? Save teammates first, whine/quit later. *shrugs* I usually like Red Rangers right off the muscle, so I am a bit worried Mack didn't click with me right away. I still have hope for him cause his fight with Moltar was awesome. Very well done: even though Moltar is the more experienced of the two, Mack still held his own and let him know he was in a fight. I liked that a lot. Actually, annoyed is too strong a word, and should be reserved from Dax. Are we going to get a pratfall EVERY ep? We get he's a clutz and a bit of an airhead, no need to keep driving that point home. Unless its for those just tuning in to zero in on the comic relief. I thought they were going for "underappreciated Dax trying to find a voice for himself" for a moment. I hope they return to that. Ironically, his behavior in this ep made me enjoy his spotlight ep even more. It showed he has depth and a brain and I don't think it should be jettisoned just because subsequent eps won't revolve around him. Some things can be kept intact. I wish the writers/producers realized they don't have to make him a spaz to get across a distinct personality for him. The Yeti didn't bother me too much this ep, but it does make me wonder why the producers didn't just create a competent right hand lackey for Flurious instead. Like this Miratrix maybe. But I guess its tradition the bad guys has at least ONE buffoon around. So, yeah...a solid 9 from me (guess I'm the only one ). It was still fun, and one intersting thing about this group of Power Rangers is that I love seeing them all interact with each other at the same time, like at the very end when Will had the marbles. They do have great chemistry with one another.
  6. Gave it a ten. Pretty fun ep, and I loved the forshadowing with a third villain entering the fold.
  7. JackLovesZ

    Titanium Ranger Not In Gogo V

    I gathered that much, about there not being a "lead" villain, Agent Aburera just recurred the most. But still, that means Grumm WAS created for the American version, right?
  8. JackLovesZ

    Titanium Ranger Not In Gogo V

    I haven't seen much Dekaranger, just the first and last eps, but I saw no counterpart for Grumm, just Broodwing. Grumm isn't an American-only creation?
  9. Loved the ep. Graded it a 10. Almost graded it a 9 cause of the Yeti, but its not that he was bad or annoying, just...unnessary. I mean, they need him to get Flurious dialogue scenes, but couldn't they have accomplished that with an Ice Putty* Lieutanent? The Flurious/Yeti scenes amounted to live action Skeletor/Beast Man scenes from He-Man. So the first spotlight ep after the premiere is on Will. The addressed a character flaw (him wanting to be a loner) and had a reasonable resolution without completely solving it altogether. Also gave a hint at a future character spotlight ep (Ronnie and her impatience). Also liked Ronnie and Will competing with each other. Potential couple? Based on this ep and the premiere, even if its never OFFICIALLY stated, Will comes across as the second in command. Dax seems relegated to comic relief status, unless he just really comes strong in the next couple of eps. Mack, again, seems a borne leader, this time through his pep talk to Will. And Rose...I...I think I love her. All I got for now. Can't wait for the next ep. * Obviously Ice Putty isn't what they're called, just what they look like. What ARE they called???
  10. JackLovesZ

    When Will They Tell Us How Many Episodes Will Oo Have

    I thought OO was going to have the same number of eps as Mystic Force, which would include the two cross over eps, which would probably both be two parters.
  11. JackLovesZ

    your favourite series of power rangers?

    It was SPD, but now SPD is a CLOSE second to Mystic Force. As much as I loved SPD, I didn't feel it needed a second season (just a better finale). But I DID have that feeling with Mystic Force, had that feeling again when I saw the first ep of OO. Everything just clicked perfectly with MF for me, especially the family element. Boy do I miss it.
  12. JackLovesZ


    Huh? Alpha 5 is the little robotic character from the first couple of seasons of MMPR (at one point he was called Alpha 6) that served as comic relief. The equivalant of the Titanium Ranger would be the Silver OO Ranger that's coming in the middle of the series. I'm saying Spencer may Ranger up for ONE episode like Boom did, but that's just guesswork since we know he'll get at least ONE spotlight episode (maybe he's the Silver OO Ranger's father? that would be interesting).
  13. JackLovesZ


    Spencer's the Alpha 5 type character, basically, so no way he's gonna be a bad guy. I get the feeling he may morph at least once, kinda like Boom did in SPD, but that's it.
  14. JackLovesZ

    Operation Overdrive Team Ups?

    *shrugs* I'd love to see Jack somehow, but barring that, I just want to see a teamup or teamups. Don't really care how they do it or if it flies in the face of continuity or not.
  15. Loved it. Though I think I like Flurious better than Moltar as far as villains go.