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  1. Introduce yourself!

    Just living life day by day with the hopes I don't go completely insane haha. Now I have a 5 year old daughter who likes watching Power Rangers because of me watching it on Netflix. In Space is her favorite followed by Time Force, Jungle Fury, and MMPR. I'm such a proud daddy that I can pass on my love for PR.
  2. Introduce yourself!

    Hey hey!
  3. Introduce yourself!

    Let's see if I remember how to do this also.... ILLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, still got it. lol
  4. Introduce yourself!

    It's been a long time so here goes. I'm Danny and I went by various names like Party Boy, Servo, and others I can't remember, because I'm old...er now. Gotta say it's great to see PRE making a comeback!