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  1. Danny


    I'm watching it as we speak and I think it's been a pretty darn good show so far.
  2. Danny

    Introduce yourself!

    Just living life day by day with the hopes I don't go completely insane haha. Now I have a 5 year old daughter who likes watching Power Rangers because of me watching it on Netflix. In Space is her favorite followed by Time Force, Jungle Fury, and MMPR. I'm such a proud daddy that I can pass on my love for PR.
  3. Danny

    Introduce yourself!

    Hey hey!
  4. Danny

    Introduce yourself!

    Let's see if I remember how to do this also.... ILLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, still got it. lol
  5. Danny

    Introduce yourself!

    It's been a long time so here goes. I'm Danny and I went by various names like Party Boy, Servo, and others I can't remember, because I'm old...er now. Gotta say it's great to see PRE making a comeback!
  6. Danny


    I don't think Spencer is or will turn evil at all. His character in PROO is totally awesome.
  7. Danny

    Which Time Force Ranger are you?

    Woot! I got Wes, though I thought I was gonna get Lucas. No complaints here though. Wes is cool.
  8. Danny

    Dark Dungeon

    Dark Dungeon? Just thought I'd go ahead and post the link to the new board I created. It's not set to just PR, but PR is involved. This board is pretty much just a hang out place to talk about pretty much anything. Hopefully it'll work out, but if it doesn't, then oh well. :laugh:
  9. Danny

    Lie Your Butt Off

    My username isn't Nitro. :laugh:
  10. Danny

    Whatcha Listening To?

    Chris Young - Drinkin' Me Lonely
  11. Danny

    Whatcha Listening To?

    Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)
  12. Danny

    Post a pic of yourself

    Illy, you have purty hair in those pics. That's for darn sure. :biggrin: Even though I posted them a long while back, I'll have to find my pics on my Photobucket, and put them up. I'm too tired to look for them right now. :laugh: Someday I will get a camera.
  13. Danny

    Whatcha Listening To?

    Jack Ingram - Lips of An Angel Yep, the country version. :yahoo:
  14. Danny

    Note to all in the World of Ranger Wars

    Yep, it's all in good fun. I'm sorry Zephy. I just had to try. lol You probably will make me pay since my stats are still in the process of being built up. But at least I got killed by a friend. Where's my revive? :O lol jk Funny how I just mentioned to Illy that some of us should form an army of sorts. lol But we couldn't attack each other, because that would be just....wrong! Plots! *Rubs hands together evilly.* lol
  15. Danny

    Whatcha Listening To?

    Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes