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  1. A few more things I wanted to say earlier, but I was rushed for time. - No one trusts you anymore. You don't burn bridges by repeatedly closing the forum & uprooting what members are comfortable with by repeatedly changing software platforms. In the world of Admins, even 1 platform change has been known to destroy communities. When you're upset at a service provider, you switch to another. And that's exactly what's happened. - What have you done to attract new users? You used to advertise and poach members from RB from when PRE started. There's no sign of you advertising there now. They do have an Advertising section. - Your board designs are terrible and tone deaf. In this day & age, everyone wants dark mode. You keeps using bright designs with ugly banners. I hope you can appreciate this honesty, and take it as positive criticism.
  2. What Primo said. When I opened my own forum many years ago, I knew I needed to offer something different than what all the other forums were offering something. So I had song downloads, poor quality, so anyone who REALLY wanted a song would buy it. And we had a wiki for a while. Unfortunately it wasn't enough. That forum has since changed hands, and is now focusing more on anime and manga, more specifically of The Guyver. TLDR: If you ain't offering anything new, or advertising the fact, people will stick with what they know.
  3. Hayley is teh Green Samurai Ranger one111!!! lol or even funnier... Lord Zedd is Zeltrax, lol
  4. This looks kool, it was in a mag I recieved through the post today....
  5. Well, I own every new gen rider series on dvd, and "The First" movie.... never seen any old gen series so does that mean I'm not a tru fan? Hmmmmm. Anyway, I've tried the KR Zo movie, couldn't get into it. Would like to see Black, and Black RX, but can't find them.
  6. Ok, a few points. When we first met him he was a conman, but he admitted he was a rogue time agent. He then had his travels wit the Doctor, died, was resurected and ditched on tha space station. Two years later he is runnin Torchwood 3. It has been confirmed that Jack will appear in series 3 of Doctor Who, so sometime during the series we will have the Doctor picking Jack up from the Hub. It is very strongly rumoured that these episodes will be when we learn of Jack's past, including how he got off the space station, to present day Cardiff.
  7. Hey, I know those pics, they in the latest NewType Live. Anyway one theory, which I like, is that it is TimeRed. 1. He has the lips on the helmet, 2. He should of taken a more active role in the 25th aniversary team up, in which none of the Timerangers, apart from him briefly, appeared, 3. The new villian is Chronos, another word for time, and I believe he employs time travel to revive the other baddies.
  8. If ya want comparisons, then try Red Dragon Fire Ranger (Mystic Force Red Battilizer) and Kamen Rider Hibiki.
  9. Hope you don't mind, I fixed your link for you.... there aren't any pics of Gekiranger though.
  10. I'm afraid I cant find it anywhere now guys, I'll keep looking though, so keep your fingers crossed.
  11. I just voted.... tell her she is very beautiful and I blow her a kiss.
  12. Masaki Endou sings "Go Go Power Rangers", then sings the Abaranger theme right after that. It's interesting. And kinda cool.
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    Well done RSW. And as I prob won't be here till this time next week (lol) I'll say congrats now to whoever gets the last admin post. May we all do the empire proud. *hums the empire theme from star wars*
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    Hey well done you guys. You all deserve it.