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  1. DekaRed

    Old Power Ranger Rumors That Made You Laugh

    Hayley is teh Green Samurai Ranger one111!!! lol or even funnier... Lord Zedd is Zeltrax, lol
  2. This looks kool, it was in a mag I recieved through the post today....
  3. DekaRed


    Just a quick update... Competition number one is under way. Come visit, maybe take part in the competition.
  4. DekaRed

    True Rider Fans?

    Well, I own every new gen rider series on dvd, and "The First" movie.... never seen any old gen series so does that mean I'm not a tru fan? Hmmmmm. Anyway, I've tried the KR Zo movie, couldn't get into it. Would like to see Black, and Black RX, but can't find them.
  5. DekaRed


    New site set up by myself and my brother (who started The Guyver Board over two years ago and its still going strong), to try and bring all things Japanese and legendary to a wider audience. We already have an established user base (from guyverboard) and will, in time, feature links to some sites you know, some you don't. Our focus is Anime/Manga, Tokusatsu and popular Japanese games. We also have a music gallery, very similar to the one j-hero used to have. Feel free to make any contributions/submissions. In time we hope to grow to a much larger entity, more than just a forum, but a whole portal to the world of Japanese legends. Japan Legend
  6. DekaRed

    Torchwood (spoilers)

    Ok, a few points. When we first met him he was a conman, but he admitted he was a rogue time agent. He then had his travels wit the Doctor, died, was resurected and ditched on tha space station. Two years later he is runnin Torchwood 3. It has been confirmed that Jack will appear in series 3 of Doctor Who, so sometime during the series we will have the Doctor picking Jack up from the Hub. It is very strongly rumoured that these episodes will be when we learn of Jack's past, including how he got off the space station, to present day Cardiff.
  7. DekaRed

    Boukenger Question.

    Hey, I know those pics, they in the latest NewType Live. Anyway one theory, which I like, is that it is TimeRed. 1. He has the lips on the helmet, 2. He should of taken a more active role in the 25th aniversary team up, in which none of the Timerangers, apart from him briefly, appeared, 3. The new villian is Chronos, another word for time, and I believe he employs time travel to revive the other baddies.
  8. DekaRed

    Ancient Mode for Daggeron

    If ya want comparisons, then try Red Dragon Fire Ranger (Mystic Force Red Battilizer) and Kamen Rider Hibiki.
  9. DekaRed

    [Sentai 2007] Juuken Sentai Gekiranger

    Hope you don't mind, I fixed your link for you.... there aren't any pics of Gekiranger though.
  10. DekaRed

    Ban the person Above

    banned for not being me...
  11. DekaRed

    Dx Faiz belt for sale!

    You misunderstand. I used that account maybe once, so it was verified, then she stole it an changed the password. I quickly changed my email password. It was not a problem till now and i have now asked ebay to shut that account down.
  12. DekaRed

    Dx Faiz belt for sale!

    That account was created wit that email address, as i said i didn't think she could cause this damage so i did nothin. I have another email address which is use for my ebay shoppin, so i was very surprised when i got an email tellin me i was the high bidder on my own item.
  13. DekaRed

    Dx Faiz belt for sale!

    I apologise to one and all. The reason why i have not used that account in ages, and why i had to create a new account is because an ex girlfriend stole that user name off me and always promised she would get her revenge. It seems like she has. I never thought she would and never believed she could cause any damage so i let her think she had won. I was wrong. Again much apologies to everyone especially krfaiz.2005
  14. Please check out my auction, an feel free to bid if you wanna. Thanx. http://cgi.ebay.com/DX-Adult-Faiz-Belt-sen...1QQcmdZViewItem
  15. DekaRed

    Please vote and help!

    I just voted.... tell her she is very beautiful and I blow her a kiss.