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  1. Suzaku


    I missed most of the stuff because I was out on a trip, so I didn't get to actually see what went down But I just tuned in right now, and...I think They just revealed a brand new Fire Emblem for the Switch? EDIT: They've moved the focus on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And...HOT DAMN does it look very sexy. It's got the most MASSIVE roster I've ever seen, for starters
  2. Suzaku

    Yakuza 6

    Nice! After Beating both 6 and 0, Which I admit is an odd way to play, I decided to pick up Kiwami once more, especially with Kiwami 2 coming soon. Also...I think Kiryu looks better as an older man. XD
  3. Suzaku

    Yakuza 6

  4. Suzaku

    What's your favorite Hasbro TV show and/or movie?

    Used to watch GI Joe back when I was a kid. Most recently, it was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic XD
  5. Suzaku

    Introduce yourself!

  6. Suzaku

    Yakuza 6

    Who else is playing or has played this game? What you guys think?
  7. Suzaku

    Hawaii Eruption

    I dun live in Hawaii, but it's straight up scary, To be honest. Also...I think it's gonna be a nightmare for City engineers once all that rock has settled and cooled. Gonna have to build roads OVER that section.
  8. Suzaku


    Didn't actually get to watch it, but I was surprised at the post-match beatdown Shinsuke Nakamura gave AJ Styles. Heel Turn for Shinsuke?
  9. Suzaku


    I'll reopen my WWE network account for sure for this one. Match of the night, IMO, will be Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will have to work hard to match that :P
  10. Suzaku

    Lego VacuSort

    I'd like to get a Dyson and have the Lego logo imprinted on it :P
  11. Suzaku

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

    I think they also sold the Black Bun Whopper in Japan
  12. Suzaku

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

  13. Suzaku

    Lego VacuSort

    This looks so amazing. Anybody else interested?
  14. Suzaku

    Remember the T-mobile Sidekick?

    I...Want one :P