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  1. Suzaku


    Didn't actually get to watch it, but I was surprised at the post-match beatdown Shinsuke Nakamura gave AJ Styles. Heel Turn for Shinsuke?
  2. Suzaku


    I'll reopen my WWE network account for sure for this one. Match of the night, IMO, will be Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will have to work hard to match that :P
  3. Suzaku

    Lego VacuSort

    I'd like to get a Dyson and have the Lego logo imprinted on it :P
  4. Suzaku

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

    I think they also sold the Black Bun Whopper in Japan
  5. Suzaku

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

  6. Suzaku

    Lego VacuSort

    This looks so amazing. Anybody else interested?
  7. Suzaku

    Remember the T-mobile Sidekick?

    I...Want one :P
  8. Suzaku


    Tsuburaya did Ultraman too, so you ain't far off, Zephy-hime By the looks of it it's more a reboot of the series. Still pretty exciting, though ^_^
  9. Suzaku


    I am so looking forward to this series, especially after seeing Studio Trigger do a short about it at Japan Animator Expo 09 back in 2015. This, BTW, is being produced by both Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions.
  10. Suzaku

    How to feel old

    ^ That. My grandma in the Philippines had a rotary telephone, which I got to use to call aunts/uncles. And one of my aunts, who minded a small neighborhood store, killed time between sales by watching Noontime variety shows on a Black and white TV set.
  11. Suzaku

    Nintendo Switch

    @Zephyrmon AoT2 is Cross-platform, so you can also get it for Xbox one or PS4 if you prefer. I simply picked the Switch version coz I wanted to be able to slay Titans while waiting at the Barbershop LOL @Mesogog Nintendo also released a supplemental app you can download on your phone called "Parental Controls". Lets you monitor What games your kid's been playing, and for how long. Also lets you set a time limit on System usage.
  12. Suzaku

    Nintendo Switch

    AoT2 is pretty amazing. Combat System takes getting used to...and let's just say it's fun swinging about using the ODM gear ^_^
  13. Suzaku

    Nintendo Switch

    @Zephyrmon Yup. Every Switch card, to the best of my knowledge, are especially coated so you don't accidentally eat them XD @Balthazar I decided to pick up Attack on Titan 2 instead of Kirby Star Allies. Also...I can give you my friend code if you want
  14. Suzaku

    Nintendo Switch

    Haha. Switch game Cards are as big as PSVita Game Cards.
  15. Couldn't quite send you a private message..but anyway...



    1. Zephyrmon


      Thanks i'll add you soon! ^-^ I have a pink Princess Zelda pic. lol don't be alarmed!

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