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  1. Suzaku

    Hurricane Florence

    Stay safe over there, bro. Hopefully you've managed to get outta there.
  2. Suzaku

    Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    Bret Hart Recently had an autograph signing/Photo op thing at a place called Frank And Sons Collectibles show here in Southern California. And man oh man tix to the event sold out fast. Literally the day before they announced that the event was sold out. Also...not knocking on Rousey. I mean...The WWE has given her new life after her rather shocking KO losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes long ago. But at the same time...ehhh. Iono. It just means even the women's division is getting oh so crowded. Which is bad coz a couple of my favorites from NXT -- Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler, may not be able to get on board.
  3. Suzaku

    Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    Iono. Based on What I see Ziggy and Drew will match up against Rollins and Ambrose. Reigns is solidly vs. Braun Strowman That said...I still rather see Roman Reigns as WWE Universal champ at the moment rather than Brock Lesnar. I mean...When Lesnar had the strap We never saw the belt on TV. Lesnar won't or can't wrestle unless on PPV, so most of the time it's Heyman we see. Though personally I'd rather see Dean Ambrose or Finn Balor as Universal champ. Especially Finn Balor. Poor guy had to drop the belt almost immediately due to injury.
  4. Suzaku

    How to feel old

    It was 4 for sure. And it got 39% on Rotten Tomatoes Still a better score than Rocky V, which got 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. So you are right in saying that it blows donkey dick
  5. Suzaku

    How to feel old

    @Balthazar Not saying it's a bad film lol. Just...one time it was airing on the AMC channel one time after coming home from work, and, well... I had been spoiled by actual boxing. So watching the fight between Rocky and Drago...just made me mad ^^;;
  6. Suzaku

    How to feel old

    @Smokin Ranger You got all of the Rocky films too? Nice. Wasn't exactly a fan of Rocky vs. Drago in IV tho. Also...Greedo shot first
  7. Suzaku

    Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    Iono. Considering how long the E had the Universal Strap on Lesnar, Reigns feels like a breath of fresh air. That said....If there's anyone that deserves a fair shot at the title, it's Finn Balor. Turn Reigns heel, and have Finn Balor go after him. The dude seriously needs another shot at it.
  8. Suzaku....i accidentally deleted all mah friends from Switch. Friend code again please! lol

    1. Suzaku



  9. Suzaku


    I missed most of the stuff because I was out on a trip, so I didn't get to actually see what went down But I just tuned in right now, and...I think They just revealed a brand new Fire Emblem for the Switch? EDIT: They've moved the focus on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And...HOT DAMN does it look very sexy. It's got the most MASSIVE roster I've ever seen, for starters
  10. Suzaku

    Yakuza 6

    Nice! After Beating both 6 and 0, Which I admit is an odd way to play, I decided to pick up Kiwami once more, especially with Kiwami 2 coming soon. Also...I think Kiryu looks better as an older man. XD
  11. Suzaku

    Yakuza 6

  12. Used to watch GI Joe back when I was a kid. Most recently, it was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic XD
  13. Suzaku

    Introduce yourself!

  14. Suzaku

    Yakuza 6

    Who else is playing or has played this game? What you guys think?