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  1. ForeverBlue

    Interview with greenwhitered

    Whats your favorite kinda ice cream?
  2. ForeverBlue

    Another ForeverBlue interview

    When MMPR first started. I was 15 when MMPR first started. I was flipping through the channels to see what was on (we didn't have a computer back then though) and went to YTV (a station I normally go to sometime) and noticed this show with 5 teens in suits fighting monsters....I watched some more and I was hooked. By mid season 2 (just after Tommy became the White Ranger and before the 3 new rangers came)...YTV stopped showing PR due to an accident that happened in Finland (or was that Sweden? I can't remember) but it wasn't long before Fox was added when we didn't noticed it was added (I noticed it on the tv listing channel that shows whats on). FoxKids did show reruns for season 2 so I can catch up what I missed (I did miss some though, mainly some of the parter episodes in mid season 2). I never stopped watching PR
  3. ForeverBlue

    Interview with greenwhitered

    Not really into going to movies at the theatres eh? lol Anyways... Favorite food to eat?
  4. ForeverBlue

    Another ForeverBlue interview

    Do my walk, weights, read, and be on here
  5. ForeverBlue

    Interview with greenwhitered

    Favorite movies you have seen in theatres in the last few months?
  6. ForeverBlue

    Another ForeverBlue interview

    Only a few people knows I watch it but they don't care what I watch anyways lol
  7. ForeverBlue

    How Long Have You Been A Member?

    I've been here since when Meso first created PRE way back in February 2004....I joined there but didn't go there much at all....started giong there for good by April 2004. Becamse a super mod by fall 2004 I believe....then became admin in the early winter of 2005
  8. ForeverBlue

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    It seems like my username wasn't transferred to that place....doesn't matter anyways, I never really went there when it use to be Ranger Forums when it wasn't that active back then.
  9. ForeverBlue

    Windows Vista Discussion Thread

    Windows Aero is a Microsoft user interface for Windows Vista
  10. ForeverBlue

    I'm Back!!!!!

    Welcome back Otaku!
  11. ForeverBlue

    Interview with greenwhitered

    Other than Power Rangers (and Super Sentai), what are your favorite tv shows?
  12. ForeverBlue

    Another ForeverBlue interview

    29 and not feeling old lol I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada
  13. ForeverBlue

    Interview with greenwhitered

    In a new thread...thats how interview works in this forum lol Favorite color?
  14. ForeverBlue

    Interview with greenwhitered

    What are your interests and hobbies?
  15. ForeverBlue

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday!