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  1. Oops! :laugh: Yes, I meant paws! Blah, morning sucks. >_>
  2. For some strange reasons, his hands freaked me out. :laugh:
  3. ForeverRed

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    Kuuga is pretty good but in the first few episodes, it moves pretty slow. Nothing special anyway. I'm on episode 10 now. I won't tell any spoilers.
  4. ForeverRed

    power rangers

    Well, Power Rangers used to be cool during Saban Era. I loved all 10 seasons of Power Rangers. Since Disney took over, they toned down. Seriously, Disney ruined Power Rangers with bad comedy, wire-fu, huge explosives and everything. Oh well. Blah.
  5. ForeverRed

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    Unfortunately, I'm watching both on RAW. I wish TVN subbed them. *sigh*
  6. ForeverRed

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    I think I will give Hibiki another chance, but not right now. I'm still currently watching Kuuga and Agito.
  7. Episode 10 was awesome. Yes, I have to say the new master is pretty interesting, but very werid. Gosh, Gekiranger is way better than Boukenger and Operation Overdrive. I hope Gekiranger keeps that way.
  8. ForeverRed


    Digimon is awesome. Loved all three seasons. I've seen some episodes of Season 4. I'm so excited for the new Digimon coming to U.S. soon.
  9. ForeverRed

    First photo's of "The Dark Knight's" Joker.

    Can't see the pictures. =|
  10. ForeverRed

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday, diaasce!
  11. Agreed. Episode 9 was excellent.
  12. ForeverRed

    Sam Raimi Confirms Spidey 4, 5 and 6!

    I'll take Jake Gyllenhaal!! >_> So far, I only know that Spider-man 4 is confirmed. That's all I know. Now Spidey 5 and 6? Gee... boy.. it is gonna be wait FOREVER. Tobey needs to make up his mind before he goes to the next film. Seriously, he's perfect as Peter Parker/Spider-man. Spider-man and Spider-man 2 were both EXCELLENT movies ever I've seen in my whole life. Now I'm more excited for the third film!
  13. ForeverRed

    Hold up in Houston Space Center

    Yeah, I just read the article on CNN. Crazy. Geez.
  14. ForeverRed

    Power Rangers In Space: What Do You Think?

    <3 Psycho Rangers saga. >_>
  15. ForeverRed

    The Kamen Rider Thread

    Well, I'm watching it with RAW. Heh.