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  1. Nos-4-A2


    this year there are some directors and writers and stuff check out this page http://www.convergence-con.org it has all the details plus whats going on with cinema rex cof2e2, what room costs are ( they are 125 per night at con rate take that times the number of nights) just chekc out that linky
  2. Nos-4-A2

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    ohh well i lost the original.... that 'll have to do for mes's cat suit
  3. Nos-4-A2

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    let me do a few touch ups on that pic now that i'm not totally drunk....
  4. Nos-4-A2

    Most Embarrassing Thing You have Ever Done

    sadly she has passed from this mortal coil due to a drunk driver
  5. Nos-4-A2

    Charley Chaplin.......

    chaplin is good but i'm more of a fatty arbukle fan
  6. Nos-4-A2

    power rangers

    i think the early saban era is what was the best the more modern stuff is very blase in comparison
  7. Nos-4-A2

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    nuff said btw i couldn't resist this chance to test out serif
  8. Nos-4-A2

    Most Embarrassing Thing You have Ever Done

    yes i had a date jzt she was the one who gave me the bow tie to wear
  9. Nos-4-A2

    Most Embarrassing Thing You have Ever Done

    Most Embarrassing moment for me: In 12th grade at senior prom I streaked with a mickey mouse mask on and a bow tie and that was it
  10. Nos-4-A2

    Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    no i thought mes got the leather armor and ripped out his own eye...
  11. Nos-4-A2


    for a lot of the midwesterners here on PRE CONvergence might be a good option its held in minnesota every year which means we could finally meet mes its like 55 for a weekend and i never rent a room i just sleep in the anime theater or sleep on the way home which ever is first lol this year it the 6,7,8 of july i might go It starts on early friday afternoon and then after all the drunkenness of friday and saturday night ( think about it this way where else can a power ranger get drunk with a klingon score with a cylon and get even drunker with a gua'uld then dance the night away with a clone trooper or a vampire not to mention the round tables and stuff and the rave and ddr and stuff) sorry about the long digression but they have had their guest list known since early november and they manage to get hotel rooms and everything in block form ( i think they are filled up but i'm not sure) and unlike morphicon they update their site at least once a week but anyway thats another good option for cos-play and cons
  12. Nos-4-A2

    Good DVD Burning program

    I use http://www.deepburner.com/?r=download it seems to work the best from what i've used
  13. Nos-4-A2

    Deep advice

    i'm supposed to find them?.... they always seem to find me...
  14. Nos-4-A2

    Hit the card!

    * removes 1 light and 1 dark monster from play summons black luster soilder envoy of the begining and uses its first special effect to remove FGD from play* att:3000 def 2500
  15. Nos-4-A2

    Deep advice

    wow the average guy only has sex with 10 * does the multiplication in his head* god i feel like a whore all of the sudden...