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  1. zeoranger3

    Perfect Ranger Team

    Red:Wes Blue:Rocky Green:Xander Pink:Jen Yellow:Kira Sixth ranger: Tommy(Green)
  2. zeoranger3

    Random Questions

    in the ninja storm episode "eye of the storm" a kelzack got hit with an eye collar. wonder what's it's worst fear was?
  3. zeoranger3

    Emma Lahana's new movie

    dude if that's emma in the shower count me in!
  4. zeoranger3

    Post a pic of yourself

    ok here's me
  5. here's who i would bring back MMPR:Kim Alien:Delphine Zeo:Kat Turbo:Tanya Space:Ashley Lost Galaxy:Karone Lightspeed:Dana Time Force: Jen (Make her leader) Wild Force: Taylor(Second in command) Ninja Storm: Tori Dinothunder:Kira SPD:Syd Mystic Force:Maddie Overdrive:both girls
  6. zeoranger3

    Bring back a team?

    i would want to see Time Force come back see eric and wes work together would be awsome and maybe continue on the wes and jen relationship
  7. zeoranger3

    Pr Mess Ups With Sentai Footage

    that remined me of the ninja storm "eye of the storm" when tori and shane try the thunder tsumani cycles the bow and aplogize. not that's there anything wrong with that footage it's jsut out of character for tori and shane. it's one thing ot bow to sensi but not hunter and blake
  8. zeoranger3

    New Seasons are more powerful then old seasons

    yeah but in mighty morphin's case that was what usually set them off a spell
  9. zeoranger3

    New Seasons are more powerful then old seasons

    but that got annoying cuz they only way they could get into a argument was to be under a spell
  10. zeoranger3

    Tommy or Jason for OO Team Up, is it a possible?

    i personally hope they don't i mean we got tommy in dino and jason for forever red there's other rangers out there
  11. zeoranger3

    Who would you trade places with?

    Wes or Rocky
  12. zeoranger3

    Which Ranger Was Hottest

    Erin Cahill or Emma Lahana I can't decide!
  13. zeoranger3

    No New Oo Eps In The Next Tow Weeks?

    Two weeks isn't bad compared ot the wait we had for stranger within part 2 and heir apperant part 2 last year
  14. zeoranger3

    The Results Of Wrestlemania23 April 1st 2007

    flair was there he and carlito wrestled as a team in a dark match
  15. zeoranger3

    Time For A African American Pink Ranger.

    Wasn't blake japenese also. you know what would be intresting an asain red ranger. i notice there usually blue for some reason