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  1. DHA

    Good DVD Burning program

    Well, I forgot about DivX, I have that on there, so I tried it and it wrote to the disk, but when I tried to place it in the player it says Disc Error: This disk does not have playback (or something along those lines). >.< I'm confused.
  2. DHA

    Heroes Discussion Thread

    Didn't get to watch this Monday cause I was still working on a lawnmower -_- So I watched it tonight online! I would have liked to see more of a fight between Sylar and Peter with all their powers, perhaps that will come later, that should be an awesome fight! My only guess with Mohinder leaving Sylar behind with out shooting him would be because of shock from what had just happened or something like that. Either way they couldn't just kill off the bad guy like that I guess. As for Peter having his back turned, maybe he was looking for a way out of the room, idk, I didn't get that either. I'm curious about the painter's last message he was talking about.
  3. DHA

    Hi Guys

    Hey Phoenix! Glad you found us again Welcome back!
  4. All the girls? Lets see if you have 15 red rangers(probly less depending on the season) then depending on whether they added Eric and Hunter that'd be 17. And about 28 female rangers.....ooooohhhhh not enough red rangers to go around! I sense a fight after that fic. Sounds interesting though. I could see them doing something like they did with Power of Pink with Psycho pink.
  5. DHA

    Windows Vista Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry, but you couldn't pay me to buy vista >.< It's got some decent games to go along with it, but from what I've seen there's so much stuff switched around and you have to go through that whole learning how to use it(again) process. I'm getting too old for this -_-
  6. DHA

    PR Bloopers

    I never noticed that about the hands, lol. In that episode they go from this shot to this shot. I've always wondered why that happened.
  7. DHA

    Power Ranger SPD cosplay

    Wow, wonder how many batteries that took! I want one >.< it's so cool >.<
  8. DHA

    Good DVD Burning program

    Well, I got a pack of 60 recordable DVDs for Christmas, and I just decided maybe it's about time to try putting some to use. My only problem with that is that when I reformatted my laptop last month I also lost any DVD writing program it had on it, and I don't even know what program it may have had cause I never used it... So far I dled a free program called AVS Disc Creator, but that didn't help since it doesn't allow playback, which is what I'm looking for, something that will work allow a DVD to work in a Player... Anyone know of a good program? :-/
  9. DHA

    PR Bloopers

    RSW, you must have reeeaally good eyes to pick that out during the show 0_0 idk, Anza, what episode is that from? I'm going to have to download it now >.< lol, about Conner's name >.< wonder how that happened.
  10. DHA

    Perfect Ranger Team

    TJ - Red. Jason is obviously going to be a big choice, but I think TJ makes a good leader too. He may have lost a zord..or two, or something like that, but of leadership qualities I think he's a good choice. Kai- Blue. I view blue as being second in command, and when I think of second comman I think of someone who can also take on leadership is necessary and not be hesitant to question the leader's decision if justified. As well as have a good knowledge of what's going on. My other choses were Billy, Andros, and Ethan. But I think Billy at the beginning lacked fighting skill, Andros lacked leadership skills, and Ethan was too pampered by Haley to tell if he had leadership skills >.< Will- Black. Unlike Blue and Red I think the black ranger should be the one that doesn't alwas follow the rules. Makes for a more interesting story line and sometimes it takes bending the rules to win a fight. Plus, he's an awesome fighter! In ranger mode anyway. Aisha- Pink. I have no thought of what Pink should be like. Maybe the peace keeper, the one who would rather find a peaceful way to settle things rather than fight, but fight if it came down to it. That kind of seems stereo-typical though, so idk. Ronny- Yellow. Pink and Yellow are hard to choose. I chose Ronny simply because her fight. I think you need one of the female rangers to be high strung and another a little more laid back. Cassie or Kendrix would be my other choices. As for a "dream team" that'd be something entirely different :-p
  11. DHA


    Blackwargreymon is my favorite strong digimon. Wormmon, Terriermon, and Gomumon are my favorite rookies. Wormmon's the best though :-p
  12. DHA

    Secret Identity or Open Powers

    I like it both ways. Having to keep you identity secret adds some plotlines I think. Then the other I think is fine too for some seasons, like SPD, where it's just known fact of who the rangers are.
  13. DHA

    Guess that tv show or movie. (VIP-only)

    The wizard guy looks like Merlin......but I don't remember any tv show he was on. Just 'The Sword in the Stone' >.<
  14. DHA

    PR Bloopers

    I'm confused too.......what's suppose to be wrong? Here's an oldy - Someone left a sweeper on the set :-p
  15. DHA

    Bootleg DVDs: Worth it or not?

    If someone ever came up with good quality DVDs then I would say everyone should buy them. The concept has been denied for years by the owners of the show, they couldn't blame anyone but themselves for the loss if that were to happen.