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    New Order of the Pheonix Trailer

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    LOL. The badge says 'Skoda got beat by a girl'. One of the guys running the show where I met Don, was nicknamed Skoda. He got beaten by a girl in an eating contest the day before. Don S Davis was there watching the contest. When some people got a whole lot of the Skoda badges made, they gave him one, They also got a badge made for Skoda saying 'I'm Skoda'. Don is a really great guy. Thoroughly into different types of art. I also got a photo with John Rhys Davies, though I've met him a couple of times before. Also a really cool guy. Really, really smart too. [ATTACH]600[/ATTACH]
  3. Monkeh


    Got this pic taken this sunday just been. Not a great pic of me, I was leaning backwards across a table to get the pic lol. But I also got a nice 8x12 of me and Don S Davis taken earlier in the day, then signed by him. [ATTACH]598[/ATTACH]
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    I remembered which episode it was. Season 10, Episode 3. Its called The Pegasus Project. SG-1 went to Atlantis for an episode. Very cool meeting.
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    I've been a big fan of Stargate for years. Can't wait for the 2 new movies, and for season 4 of Atlantis. Kinda disapointed about SG-1 ending though. Always wanted to see Teal'c and Ronan go hand to hand in a sparring match. I really liked the scene in one of the episodes (Can't remember if it was SG-1 or Atlantis), when Cam and Mitchell met each other. Made me laugh.