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  1. Can you screen snap the error or let me know what it says? I'm not experiencing that problem. And thanks! :)
  2. A new skin is coming TONIGHT I think you guys will like. Most importantly, it's a dark skin! Check back shortly as it will become the default skin!
  3. Actually I'm currently doing some big behind the scenes testing. Where I think Power Rangers Now went wrong is eliminating the forum. I mean, I partially understand why they did it. It's a lot of upkeep and maintenance. However what they should have done is integrate it with WordPress rather than use a cheap comment plug in. I've been looking for some time on how to do that properly as it's normally pretty difficult to pull off. IPB, the forum software I'm using for PRE, has the ability to easily integrate with Wordpress. What this means is that if you log into IPB it will work on WordPress and vice versa and you lose nothing. Which means you can seamlessly use both softwareas if they are the same software. It's pretty cool. But I want to use it to enhance the forum as well. My biggest hurdle is getting a handle on how to use Wordpress. There is A LOT to learn. Currently my goal is to merge WordPress and the forum into a rather seemless experience without duplication. However because they share different backends there are a few hoops to jump through first. And this way if I ever wanted to unbundle them I can without members being affected. I'm not entirely sure I'm going this route yet. I may choose another route to go because I don't want to be considered just a Power Rangers Now clone or something. I want PRE to forge its own path.
  4.   Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3 Zord Battle. Blue Ranger summons the Wheeler Zord (Gorilla) to battle the Gigadrone. Red Ranger joins the battle with the Racer Zord.   Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger) .
  5.   Power Rangers vs Needletron and Blaze in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3. The full morph sequence is featured for the first time in this scene.   Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger)
  6.   The Power Rangers protect the forest animals. Zoey learns about Nate's parents and improving the X-Bikes.    Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger), Colby Strong (Blaze Ranger), Liana Ramirez (Roxy), Abraham Rodriguez (Nate), Kristina Ho (Betty), Cosme Flores (Ben) .
  7. Nate creates the X-Bikes and Beast-X Cannon. Zoey makes a deal with the Mayor to protect the forest with the Morph-X powered bikes.     Cast: Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger), Abraham Rodriguez (Nate) .
  8. Power Rangers vs Roxy in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3. Roxy morphs into Ranger Mode to battle the Red and Yellow Power Rangers.     Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger) .
  9. For those that have contributed feedback both good and bad, thank you. Much of the stuff that was mentioned I was already aware of. But I honestly do appreciate the time you all took letting me know how you felt and what you thought. I'm still pondering what direction to take PRE. Some of the stuff that was mentioned such as possibly handing it over to someone else, changing from PR to something else, getting help, better themes, different content, etc in the past year I've tried with almost zero luck. About 1 1/2 yrs ago I brought PRE back from the dead. I originally started with the forum software you see now. But after a year of almost nothing happening no matter what I did, I decided to switch to Xenforo. Sometimes switching forum software DOES help. And I figured, "What else do I have to lose at this point.". The software itself is fine, but didn't help or change anything. I tried a new domain, with it for the same reason of "what else do I have left to lose?". After about 5 months I switched everything back. Those were the only noticeable changes in the past 1 1/2 years. Now if the forum had been busier none of that simply put would have happened. But that hasn't been the case and sometimes shaking things up works. This wasn't that case. @DekaRed I agree 100% with what you've said. The times have changed since PRE was what it was. The very things that used to be unavailable years ago such as social media, streaming services, etc. are now easily available. Rangercrew completely dumped the forum format and turned into Power Rangers Now and that's worked out for them well for the moment. PRE needs to re-invent itself. But that's a challenge given that @PrimoPiccolo I've looked into the gallery stuff like you mentioned. That's something I would have to look deeper into. Mainly because of storage space for the pictures, how they would be separated but easily available to find, and to filter out low quality images. Plus where to and how to get those images. I'll continue looking into it to see if there is something viable to work with both in terms of software and images and storage space. Right now, I just dunno. @Mnikolic I've tried your suggestions in the past year with zero luck. But trying to find the right format is tricky. If I want to watch PR clips I can just go to Youtube. If I want to look for PR images I can use Google Images or countless other image sources. In some case it might take some work but isn't impossible to find what I want. If I want the latest PR news I can visit Google News or Power Rangers Now. If I want to discuss PR I can visit Rangerboard, PRE or countless other forums or I can on Facebook or respond on various news websites and social media sources. If I want to watch full episodes I can buy the DVD boxsets or watch them on Netflix. The list goes on. I do have some ideas but I have zero clue how to implement them properly at this time. But the space is getting rather full. And people usually stick with their favorites making it harder, but not impossible, for others to compete. I have mad respect for all 3 of you. Seriously. You've been around since the early days. And just stopping in to give your input is greatly appreciated!
  10. After you have seen the episode let us know your thoughts!
  11. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Ranger Morph Sequence (First Look).   Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3 "End of the Road" premieres Saturday 8AM/ET.   Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jasmeet Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger) .
  12. Next month, the Power Rangers are coming to a console near you with their very own fighting game, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which will feature all of your favorite heroes and villains as they engage in team battles to prove, once and for all, who's the best Ranger of them all. The Standard Edition, which is available to pre-order for $19.99, will only include the digital game download and the Green Ranger V2 skin. The Digital Collector's Edition, which is available to pre-order for $39.99, includes the digital game Download, the Green Ranger V2 skin, a Season One Pass, a Lord Drakkon Evo II skin, and the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger skin. Watch the gameplay trailer and the previous two announcement teasers below:
  13.   Power Rangers Beast Morphers Official Opening Theme and Theme Song. Enjoy one hour of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers song!
  14. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3 "End of the Road" Preview.   Exclusive First Look of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3. "End of the Road" premieres Saturday 8AM/ET. The Power Rangers ride the Morph-X bikes.   Cast: Rorrie D. Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger), Colby Strong (Blaze) Episode 3 End of the Road:   Zoey tries to convince the citizens of Coral Harbor to use Morph-X powered bikes instead of cars, but Blaze uses this opportunity to execute an evil plan.