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  1. scifinutalways1999


    I enjoyed the whole show, but when Mack picked up Spencer using his abilites like that. That quote he said was so funny I almost fell out of my chair. "When I said I wanted a raise, this is not what I ment." Or something to that effect. Cant wait till next Saturday to see the next ep. :blushing: :happy-little2:
  2. scifinutalways1999

    The Neutral Zone

    I read the rules and stuff, but I still don understand it.
  3. scifinutalways1999

    The Neutral Zone

    Can someone tell me what Ranger Wars is about? This is all new to me.
  4. scifinutalways1999


    <span style="font-family:Times New Roman">I am a big fan of Stargate. You should see the collection of pictures I have. I have even two framed and matted pics of Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill sitting in my house. So if anyonr wants to talk about stargate with me. Feel free to leave an offline messege on one of my many Instant messegers which can be found in my profile or leave me an PM.</span>
  5. scifinutalways1999


    Well I am willing to do any type of Trivia Preferably Scifi and just as long as its either on a Weds. or Friday night.
  6. scifinutalways1999

    Favorite Power Rangers Series

    I still love Mystic force, but my other favorite has to be In Space, and Lightspeed.
  7. scifinutalways1999

    So where was PRE?

    Hey just as long as its back up. I have been wanting to download some more PR eps.
  8. scifinutalways1999

    Favorite Power Rangers Series

    All of the ranger series is my favorite, but if I had to choose, it would be Mystic Force. GO NICK!!!
  9. scifinutalways1999

    9/11/01 -- 5 year Anniversary

    Well I saw it from when the first plane hit the tower to the Pennsivania crash. I was home sick from college that day. I couldnt even draw my attention away from the tv it was so horrible. I am accually sad for those people who lost loved ones and those that were injured. I pray for them every single day since the attacks hoping for bettere days for them.
  10. <span style=\'color:"Purple"\'>I need some help with something. I am in the process of making a desktop of all the rangers in their costumes. I am looking for the ones with their helmets off if possible. Send me a pm or email containing either the link to the pic or the pic itself. Your help would be much apprecated in this endevor. </span>
  11. scifinutalways1999

    Rate the Avatar and Banner Above You

    Banner: 9.5 AVI: 10
  12. scifinutalways1999

    General Power Ranger Question...

    I want to thank you.
  13. scifinutalways1999

    General Power Ranger Question...

    This is to anyone and everyone who might be able to answer this question... Was there a Ninja Storm/Wild Force Team up? I am asking this question because I am just curious.
  14. scifinutalways1999

    who was a better red ranger

    I kinda like them both. They were both good red rangers. But that is just me.